Why You Should Stop Listening To Success Stories

Abraham Jamil March 19, 2014 0
Why You Should Stop Listening To Success Stories

People love to share their stories and we love to listen to them. Someone finds a little success and everybody wants to gather around the fireplace to hear his/her Cinderella story. I’m sorry but if you find yourself doing that, you don’t think you can be successful.

Stories are things of the past, that person’s story is not going to give you any help towards success. That story is just one of the infinite possibilities that lead to success. The story is an event of the past, it has already happened, it’s lost its excitement.

Once the unknown becomes known it loses its value, to the mind at least. Stop thinking people’s stories will inspire you…at the very least they will give you unnecessary stress because the mind will go trying to replicate that story and make it its own. Somebody else’s story is not your own, stop listening to them thinking it will help you, it won’t.

Anybody can become successful, but you have to know that. Forget belief, it’s only in the mind and it’s not reality. We are all looking for shortcuts; the next quick way to success.

Realize success is a journey, not a destination.

You can’t use somebody else’s method for your success. You’ve probably been trying that all your life and where has it gotten you? We are always looking for approval from other people; most of us are followers instead of leaders because we have no confidence in ourselves.

We go to school to pay for other people’s knowledge, and then claim it as our own. You see, there’s tuition and there’s intuition. Intuition is your own knowledge and that is all you need to succeed in this world.



Little do we know we are powerful beyond measure, we’ve simply been programmed to believe otherwise. We look at everybody who is powerful as being different from us, a special breed. Little do we know there’s nothing that person has that we don’t have, but we choose to cast a blind eye to it.

We are so scared to fail, so we always look for ‘proven’ methods. A guru will tell you he’s cracked the code to success and  show you his luxurious life as ‘proof’, and you will spend every last dime trying to learn his methods. Then you find out it doesn’t work and he says you are the problem, not his method.

Most gurus take advantage of the fact the we’re hell bent on results, so if they can get their ‘secrets’ to work for a hundred out of a thousand people, they will market the hell out of those hundred people just to convince our minds that it works. What happened to the other nine hundred? Most of them never show you the ones it didn’t work for and you know why.

You want the secret to success, here it is:

There Is No Secret.

Success and failure are just two sides of the same coin. To know success, you must know failure, and to get to success, you must plow through some failure.

Stop looking to other people and things to guide you to success and get in touch with your inner guru. It will be your teacher on the success path. Success is not as hard as you think. Just make the decision. Stop wasting your money and energy on useless methods and realize that you have everything you need to succeed in you.


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