Episode 9- “Using Psychology to Excel In Your Business & Life” – Andy Luttrell

Alex Hamm July 4, 2015 3
Episode 9- “Using Psychology to Excel In Your Business & Life” – Andy Luttrell

I had the opportunity to record a conversation with psychology expert Andy Luttrell earlier this week. Andy has been studying social psychology for 5+ years, both academically and practically, and it is his mission to bring the social psychology lessons he has learned out of the academic journals and into the practical world.

“The information I have obtained and studied over the last 5 years are like golden nuggets for people looking to succeed in life and in business; the problem is that most of the content remains in academic journals and away from the general public.” -Andy Luttrell

But not anymore. Andy recently launched his brand new blog, Social Psych Online, which is dedicated to helping YOU grow your mindset and your business career. I brought him on this podcast to share with us some key concepts when it comes to using psychology in the real world.

We cover key concepts such as:

1) Why you need to understand psychology before you start talking to customers

2) How to understand people by understanding persuasion, opinions, and influence 

3) The art of price psychology and how to properly price your products and services 

Enjoy today’s podcast with my friend, Andy Luttrell 🙂

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Andy Luttrell

Blog: Social Psych Online

Courses (50% for all listers!)

Sell More with Price Psychology

Psychology of Attraction: Build Strong Social Connections

Thanks again, Andy!

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    Jeff Damulira July 4, 2015 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    Good points :), Since I studied BSc Psychology for 2 years. I totally agree that understanding psychology will help us in all aspects of our lives, including business!

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    Agata Zema July 5, 2015 at 3:53 am - Reply

    Great topic Big Al. If you want to get noticed and succeed in this highly saturated, money-making profile-building world whether online or terra firma, you can’t ignore at least the fundamentals of psychology. We should adopt these relevant strategies to our every day lives whether at work or at home. Invest in yourself for the good of others.

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    KAREN Meyer July 9, 2015 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Al- great site. I can gain a lot of insight into motivating my team of Avon Reps.


    Wonderful information!!
    Karen Meyer

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