WARNING: Stop Trying to Brand Yourself Until You Do THIS

Alex Hamm January 24, 2015 1
WARNING: Stop Trying to Brand Yourself Until You Do THIS

Gary Vaynerchuk recently had a piece featured on Addicted2Success.com. If you have not heard of Gary, he is the man behind two $50 million business ventures, in two completely different industries: wine and digital marketing.

Gary has recently become quite the celebrity in the online space as a badass entrepreneur who preaches about the importance of building your personal brand around a subject you love. With the emergence of social media and lots of other tools for building large communities quickly, it has never been easier to build up a personal brand and position yourself as an expert.

But, you cannot just come out and immediately proclaim yourself an expert. There is a myth going around that just because the internet is available, anyone can build up a strong personal brand in no time on any subject they so choose.

The people who try this rarely succeed and often feel frustrated, because they are seeking the shortcut and are missing a critical step…

To position yourself as an expert is difficult, but most people aren’t asking the first important question, which is: expert in what? What do you want to provide people with? What are you great at? What do you love? What is your legacy going to be (because legacy is always above currency)?

-Gary Vaynerchuk (Via Addicted2Success.com)

Figure out what you are passionate about and what you would like to become an expert in FIRST. Then, develop the skills and knowledge needed to become THE expert on that topic. And once you have completed this crucial step, only then should you begin using the vast resources available to build up your personal brand.

Via XDA-Developers.com

Via XDA-Developers.com

Check out Gary’s full article on personal branding here.

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    Terra March 11, 2015 at 10:19 pm - Reply

    This was a great article about personal branding. I was learning about how to create a successful personal brand in my class and that first step to knowing how you want to present yourself is crucial. I was wondering if you have tips for the next step of branding, such as how to make your brand relevant or stick out to potential employees. I would love to read an article that analyzes different tactics. Thank you!

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