Three Tips for Time Management

Sophia Zollmann April 28, 2015 1
Three Tips for Time Management

Whether you want more time to spend on your business or more time with your family and friends, you could probably use a few additional hours in each day. However, until someone discovers a way to create an eighth day every week, the best way to have more time is to save it.

Saving time doesn’t have to mean waking up earlier or staying up late. The No. 1 most powerful way to save time is to create organization and order. Follow these three guidelines to corral your tasks and tame your day. You might even find that you can sleep in sometimes!

1. Systematize

A typical week sees many business owners repeating the same work over and over. When you create fresh documentation for each client or vendor, you’re wasting tons of time. Instead, make templates for documents you use frequently, with fill-in-the-blank type customization so each client or vendor process is streamlined.

Other great time savers to invest in are standalone and online apps to plan, track and manage communications within projects. You can grant access to team members, clients, and even vendors. Some of these apps include Basecamp and Asana.



2. Map out your day

Far too many of us move through our days without any real structure other than whatever meetings happen to get scheduled. This lack of order can lead to tons of wasted time because your attention is easily diverted from what’s important by what’s in front of you.

Stay focused on the important tasks by breaking your day into blocks of work time, lunch, meetings and downtime. The key to success is to not allow them to bleed into one another.


3. Don’t get distracted

Just like your mom always said: When you’re trying to get work done, turn off the TV. That goes double for your email alerts, your phone ringer, and social media. Email can be an especially dangerous rabbit hole.

When you’re mapping your day, you can allot plenty of time for these activities, but resist their lure at other times. Once you get used to NOT responding to email every time it pings, you’ll be much more focused and productive.



4. When in doubt: Farm it out

If you’re not good at managing your time, your virtual assistant can create templates and systems for better time management. She can set up schedules and help you program electronics to minimize distractions.

Feel like you don’t have time to even think about time management? Contact me today and I can help. We’ll get you streamlined and feeling relaxed in a jiffy!

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There for You is a virtual assistant committed to working with online entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and income potential. She provides virtual assistance in blog/email/social media management, WordPress. website design and maintenance, 1ShoppingCart and InfusionSoft, Internet marketing, schedule management, proofreading, article submission, copywriting, transcription, and much more. Find out more here.

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