The Psychology of Building a Personal Brand

Sky Morrow April 11, 2014 0
The Psychology of Building a Personal Brand

Everyone wants success in life, and the realm of the entrepreneur couldn’t be more filled with people just wanting but not doing.

I want people to know its hard work, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, and almost everything you read is too good to be true. I believe people need a slap in the face, they need to wake up. Stop reading articles starting with “The three best ways…” or “Six WordPress Plugins that’ll…” and actually sit down and think about your personal brand.


Make people believe in your cause.

This simple statement couldn’t hold more truth to it. You need to think about how to market your brand so people identify with it from inside out, not the outside in. Confused?

Let me explain…

Outside in marketing would be telling the consumer something that your product can do in this way: “Zebra razors are the sharpest razors around, we’ve designed a new type of blade with a unique edge that gives a closer, less irritating shave than all our competitors. Get yours today.”

It’s not really enthusing is it? When you compare the same product line with inside out marketing…

“We believe you deserve a better shave, a better shave leads to a better day, and if you’re having a good day – you’re ready for anything. Zebra razors – we believe in the shave so you can keep on leading.”

It connects with the consumer, it personifies the product with them – they want it because they want success, and it personifies that success inside of a product.

You want to build memories, emotions and eventually a relationship with the consumer – not just sell them your product because you think it’s great.

Consider giving random gifts to your customers.

Sit down and work out a program whereby you will – at random – choose a customer and personally offer them some product or advice one on one. This will build deep emotions within that customer, who will in turn speak the world of you – building emotional connections with your other customers.

It’s an ‘everyone wins’ situation.

For example I run a small business Wasp Tech Design for building people there beautiful websites albeit for blogging or a small business platform. I’ve often offered free social media marketing to people (to a certain extent) and they are overjoyed with this! They tell their friends, their friends talk – and I build a reputation.

A good reputation equals a good client base.

“Tailoring your brand experience around an individual consumer is what will start building those deep branding connections.”

~Dale Carnegie

Finally, simplicity in your own website design.

If you build a good little tribe of people who keep coming back for more then they’ll inevitably being seeing a lot of your website. Consider simplicity, minimalism, it’s the in thing right now look at some great iOS or Android Apps or the two major OS platforms.

Why? Because it puts all the focus on the content.

Sure, you can still have your AdSense, but it shouldn’t be jumping out at people. If the tribe is focused on the content they’ll stay for longer, longer stays represent better conversions with AdSense and other product.

Now since I’ve given all the young budding entrepreneurs a healthy dose of reality, here’s an inspiring quote to fire you up on your journey:

“Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the troublemaking individual.”

~Natalie Clifford Barney

Go out and have fun, disrupt the industry, be a trouble maker. It’s always the people who others think are nuts that make it big.

Author Info:

Sky Morrow: As an active social entrepreneur and founder of her IT design firm Wasp Tech Studio, Sky is out to disrupt the industry and be a good-natured trouble maker. The single mother juggles working as a professional Chef by day and following her entrepreneurial dreams in everything she does. Key personality aspects are a tenacity for creating change and building on her empire, whilst helping others around her do the very same.


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