Episode 12- “Lessons Learned from Interviewing 100+ Successful Entrepreneurs” – Tyler Basu

Alex Hamm July 18, 2015 1
Episode 12- “Lessons Learned from Interviewing 100+ Successful Entrepreneurs” – Tyler Basu

Tyler Basu is the founder and host of The Chatting with Champions podcast and blog. As a 25 year old young entrepreneur, Tyler has had the privilege of interviewing 100+ highly successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

As you can imagine, after having dozens of in depth conversations with some of the world’s most successful business people, Tyler has picked up quite a few nuggets of wisdom along the way. During our talk, we dive deep into some of the lessons he has learned, not only from the stars he interviewed, but also from his own experience building up the Chatting with Champions brand.

Listen in to this podcast, as Tyler dives deep into some of the things that he’s picked up along the way. You’ll learn valuable pieces of information like what resources to tap into as a new or seasoned business person, what obstacles you must be aware of along your journey, and who some of these super stars are that are worth following and learning more about. Enjoy…

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Tyler Basu 

Website: ChattingWithChampions.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerBasu


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Thanks again, Tyler!

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