Starting for the month of April, Attitudes 4 Innovation will be publishing monthly income reports, displaying our revenues and expenses with complete transparency. This will allow you, our readers, to take a peak into what’s happening on the backend of our business and how we are monetizing, and running the website from a financial standpoint.

Inspired by websites like,, and, we believe that publishing a monthly income report will provide tremendous value to you by showing you the bare bones of how we produce revenues, as well as the expenses we take on to keep our site the best it possibly can be. It is a way to organize our finances in a public place so you can see how an online business is started and run from the ground up.

Don’t expect massive numbers right off the bat, however, if you stick with us over the next 12-24 months, I think you’ll watch a steady increase in income for Attitudes 4 Innovation.

I’m excited to see what happens! Are you?!