How Your Perception Affects Your Success

Dianne Maydee Mandal February 20, 2014 0
How Your Perception Affects Your Success

Believe it or not, the most successful individuals are often not those who have everything laid out for them but rather those who persevered and really exerted effort to be achievers in their own right.

So are you curious about what makes someone an achiever? Then I’m glad you are reading this article.


What Is Perception?

What makes one person more successful than the other is their recognition of the fact that they are capable of achieving what they want. However, not everyone knows the power of perception and how they can harness this for their means.

Most dictionaries would define perception as how an individual understands the world around him or her. What an individual thinks of something, or how a person sees his surroundings or an object.

As humans, we are capable of seeing beyond the physically obvious. We are capable of conjuring something out of nothing or transforming ideas into something tangible.

Therefore, if a person perceives that a piece of meat can be a delicious roast by cooking, he or she can act on that and make things happen. That’s success folks!

This brings up the fact that a person is only limited by what he or she thinks. Of course I am not talking a far-fatched idea (like being able to shoot death rays from your eyes); what I’m talking about is having the proper mindset, just like rebooting your mind to success.

Oftentimes, we are troubled by what we think of as our limitations. An example of this is how we tend to give up on an idea after thinking of some scenarios that would make it seem as something difficult to reach. The problem lies not in what you cannot do, but upon what ‘you think’ you can’t do.

Does this sound familiar? How many times have you put off something just because you think it is too much work? Or maybe that it won’t work? The thing is, you won’t know if something is doable without trying first, and even then, it can take a lot of tries before transforming your idea into reality.

Transform Your Perception 

When you become aware that you are giving excuses and reasons to yourself as to why it is better to not go forward with something that you wanted to do, then congratulations!


Because it means that you are not completely crazy and is still capable of rational thought. However, it is also important to be able to decipher whether what your thinking is illogical and only serves to hinder your growth versus if it has some real merit.

Now, this is another part wherein the problem lies, because oftentimes, people (including me) get so afraid and overwhelmed of what we think can go wrong that we simply give up before taking a single step for the completion of what we wanted.

Don’t you think that’s sad? What if everyone became too afraid to try? What would happen to us?

Being aware of what can go wrong is not bad. It is only when you have more belief in things going wrong than belief in what you can achieve and do is when it is bad.  So why not transform your concerns and worries into awareness or cognition, right?

Awareness, Perception and Success

What makes some people successful? And why is it that a lot of successful people are also worriers?

The answer is this: Worriers who use their being concerned or aware tend to formulate better approaches in getting what they want. They are a lot better off than people who just go for what they want and people who don’t even try at all.

Why? Because they don’t simply do things, they strategize. If one plan fails, they can get back on track as soon as possible and have another strategy ready.

So the next time you find yourself thinking of the ‘what ifs’, don’t think it’s a negative thing. Don’t think it will deter you from your goals. Being concerned is all about a beautiful and empowering awareness that makes you only one small step away from the ‘why not’ and ‘how can I make it happen’.

The questions are, are you ready to make things happen? Will you take that one small step forward? The world is full of unknowns and ‘what ifs’ just waiting for discovery. YOUR DISCOVERY. Think about that.

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