How to Stop Being Jealous of Others Success

Tony J. Robinson August 7, 2014 1
How to Stop Being Jealous of Others Success

Tony Robinson of recently published this article on how to stop being jealous of others success. Since this is a matter that I and every other person on the planet deals with, I felt it was only right to share his tips. Enjoy!


I slaved away on this new project. I poured in so much time, and so much effort. I worked early in the morning, stayed up late every night. I gave it all I had.

This was supposed to be the one. The one that showed me I could really help people, beyond just giving them “inspiration”.

But I was wrong…

After all that time was spent, energy invested, the project flopped. No one wanted it, at least not from me.

And that same day I launched my project, a good friend of mine launched his own project in the exact same niche as mine. But there was one difference…

His was a massive success.

I was genuinely happy for him, but at the same time I was so frustrated, and upset with myself and my lack of success, that I had to fight back the jealously of his success. It’s hard stop being jealous when you feel you deserve the same amount of success.

But as my friend’s story continued, he shared something that shocked me…

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Realize That They’ve Struggled to Find Their Success

When I spoke to my friend about the amazing results he got, I also mentioned my own lackluster performance. He told me he had been in the same situation before, actually many times before.

He told me a story of how he had been working for years without ever seeing any real results. He tried one thing, and it failed. He tried another route, and failed again. He thought about quitting time and time again, but he just stayed persistent.

It took him years to reach that success that I was jealous of.

Often times, we become jealous of others success because we don’t know their entire story. We think that this was the first time they ever tried, and they were just “lucky” enough to find massive success the first time out.

But that’s usually not the case. Most people who you know, and who I know, that are successful, have usually struggled for a long time, just trying to figure things out.

They’ve been frustrated and on the verge of quitting. They slaved away, they stayed consistent, they overcame fear, recovered from rejection, and never lost sight of the ultimate goal.

Stop being jealous, because chances are, you don’t know everything they’ve gone through to find that success.

You Have to Persevere to Find Your Own Success

And just like those who are currently successful had to persevere through their own trials and tribulations, the lack of success that you’re experiencing right now is setting you up for eventual success down the road.

If you’ve recently failed, don’t look at it as a setback. Instead, view it as a valuable learning experience that will give you the tools you need to succeed next time.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started. Remind yourself that the only time you truly fail is when you give up. But if you stay the course, learn from your mistakes, and take massive action, you’ll soon find your own success too.

Stop being jealous and just realize that as long as you persevere and continue to improve yourself, success won’t be a matter of “if” but “when”.

Stop Being Jealous and Seek Guidance Instead

You have two options you when you feel the jealously rising inside of you. You can either focus on the jealously, and let it grow, and anger you. Or you can focus on the opportunity.

It’s much harder to achieve your own goals in life when you’re wasting so much of your own energy being jealous of what someone else has accomplished.

With my story, instead of being overcome by my jealously, I took a moment and realized this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn something valuable. I told myself to stop being jealous, and I focused on my friend’s success. I asked him all the questions I could think of that lead to his success, and I found what I could replicate in my own life.

It was an invaluable experience, I learned some things that are really going to help me moving forward. But it only happened because I told myself to stop being jealous, and to start appreciating the person’s success.

What Success Have You Been Jealous of in the Past?

Leave a comment below right now, and share a story of a time that you were jealous of someone else’s success. How did you handle it? What would you do differently today?

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