Episode 2- “How to Start Your Own Restaurant” -Otis Nostrand

Alex Hamm November 24, 2013 0
Episode 2- “How to Start Your Own Restaurant” -Otis Nostrand

This week, Otis Nostrand, owner of The Hopyard Alehouse & Grill joins me to share his experience starting and running his own restaurant.

He has had just about as much success as anyone can have in the restaurant business, and really shares with us what it takes to start and own a restaurant.

This is one entrepreneur who I highly recommend you listen closely too, as what Otis has accomplished was not easy, and any aspiring entrepreneur can get a lot of take away value from this short podcast.

Whether you want your own restaurant, or are in another industry, this interview will help you understand what it takes to make your business successful.


Here’s What You’re Going To Learn In This Podcast:

-Why the restaurant business is one of the most difficult industries to make it in; and how to use this to your advantage

-How the strategies of running a restaurant apply to how all businesses are run

-The importance of building something around your passion

-How to create amazing company culture

-And much, much more!


Listen Below:


Otis Nostrand; Founder of The Hopyard Alehouse & Grill Address

3015 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA


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