Episode 10- “How to Get Into State” – Varun Nigam

Alex Hamm July 12, 2015 1
Episode 10- “How to Get Into State” – Varun Nigam

Today, I have a very special guest join me for a special edition podcast of Attitudes 4 Innovation. I know podcast interviews are not something we do all that often here, but when I meet some who has something worth sharing with more than just text on the screen, I make sure to get you guys the full value that person can offer.

Varun Nigam is a 22 year old serial entrepreneur who has excelled in the network marketing industry (a company I am also a part of, Vemma) has formed his own production company Bang Bang Productions, and launched a Non-Profit organization. His businesses are thriving in multiple countries and he is passionate about empowering others through his speaking and seminars.

This young entrepreneur is not your typical 22 year old to say the least. If you walked into an iHop and saw him eating breakfast, you would not second guess him if he told you he owned the franchise.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Varun over the phone last week and the podcast is officially being released for you all to hear. Have a listen below and enjoy…

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Listen Below:

Check out Varun…

Instagram: https://instagram.com/varun_nigam

SnapChat: Varundacutie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Varun_Nigam_

Website: http://IamBangBang.com

Varun’s Non-Profit: http://YouBeforeMeInc.com

Email: Varun.nigam93@gmail.com

 Photo Cred: WeAreSicc.com

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    Luis Peñaranda May 29, 2015 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    I Listened to It. It Is Worth Taking into Account!!!

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