How to Become the Wisest Person In The World

Alex Hamm November 7, 2013 1
How to Become the Wisest Person In The World

Okay, maybe not the wisest person in the world, but come pretty close to the point. After all, I’ve already claimed that title so who do you think you are to challenge me?

Nevertheless, I’m going to give you a simple tip in this extremely short article that just may make you amongst the wisest people in the world. I first learned this concept from my friend and philosopher Dan McDaniel (learn more at

What are you expecting me to say? You’re probably expecting me to spit out some cheesy advice like “read a bunch of books!” “go to school!” or “ask a mentor to teach you everything he knows!”. While all these things are sound advice and will absolutely make you more educated and a smarter, wiser person…this is not what is going to lead you to becoming the wisest person you can be.


Becoming the wisest person in the world comes down to one simple thing. Listening.

Listening will make you the most wise, informative, powerful person you can possibly be. Not to mention it will win the love of all your friends and family. Everyone loves a listener because they actually show interest what we are saying.


Becoming a good listener is such a valuable skill. And yes, it is considered a skill. Naturally, nobody is a good listener. It is a discipline that must be practiced and practiced and it is certainly not easy.

Most people never become good at listening. They either don’t care about what anybody else is saying because they care too much about themselves, can’t stay present in the moment because they don’t have the discipline, or are constantly thinking about what they are going to say next (not caring about what their conversation partner is saying) because they are worried if they don’t think ahead then the conversation could get awkward or dead.

In most cases, it tends to be the first thing I mentioned. People don’t care what other people are saying. They think they know it all and/or the people speaking to them doesn’t have anything of value to say. In most cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You do NOT know it all. You do not have all the answers. So stop being stubborn and allow yourself to learn things from other people.

Allow your mind to learn new ideas and facts even when you wouldn’t expect to. It doesn’t matter if someone speaking to you is attempting to teach you something or not. You’ll find if you listen to everything they say, you can take something new and interesting out of every conversation.

Listening to what other people have to and slowly taking it all in makes you very aware of things that you would not have been aware of otherwise. I do my best to value everything that everyone has to say, because everyone has a different background and a different perspective.

Taking into account what people all around me have to say, whether it’s good or bad, whether you agree with it or not, can only provide value. You are you going to have a better understanding of what type of person that person is, and will learn something new for sure.

Listening to people who are smarter than you will most likely provide you will more obvious value. But don’t stop there. Listen to everybody. It will always provide you with fresh conversation and will allow to hear about things that normally you would let go right over your head.

You never know when a gold nugget is going to enter your brain. You have to keep your ears open to everything.

Become a master listener, and you just may become the wisest person in the world. 


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Quick Tip

Listen to someone whom you think is dumber than you. Let’s be honest, I’m sure feel there a lot of people that you interact with whom are inferior in knowledge to you. I’m guessing you do not value what they have to say because of this judgement.

Next time someone like that is speaking to you, listen to every word they have to say. I challenge you…see if you can learn just one thing of value, and go into this experiment with a complete open mind. You learn the most interesting things in the most unexpected places.


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    PYCO December 21, 2015 at 11:30 pm - Reply

    Hi! I totally agree! Great post. A great quote I used to hear: “…we have 2 ears and one mouth so we can–should–listen twice a much as we talk…” I think we should listen with the intent to “seek to understand” FIRST. But, we–almost everyone including myself…sometimes–listen with primary intent to RESPOND (human nature). I’m in constant pursuit of enhancing listening skills (it’s “a journey, not a destination”). I love it when Steven Covey says: “…seek to understand before seeking to be understood…” 🙂

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