How Dave Ramsey Got Rich…Twice

Alex Hamm February 11, 2015 1
How Dave Ramsey Got Rich…Twice

Dave Ramsey is one of America’s premier financial experts and authors who has helped millions get out of debt and become financially stable and independent. Of course, since you are reading this website, you are striving for more than just “financially stable”. But it’s a dang good place to start…

Dave has an incredible story of how he become wealthy from real estate in his twenties and then had some misfortune (which he calls stupidity) that caused him to lose it all. That’s right, Dave went from being a millionaire at age 25, to broke less than 3 years later.

But unlike most people, when he was knocked down, he got right back up. Within just a few more years, Ramsey managed to reclaim his wealth and now, at the age of 54, has a net worth of over $55 million and coaches millions of American’s every year on handling their financial lives through his books and seminars.

His story is below. Allow it to inspire you…

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