When It’s OKAY To Be Negative

Alex Hamm November 7, 2013 0
When It’s OKAY To Be Negative

We’ve all seen or at least heard of the movie Yes Man, right? The one where Jim Carey plays a man named Carl who turns from a negative, pessimistic person, to positive and optimistic who says yes to everything…

I mean literally everything. No matter the magnitude or the request he gets, Carl must comply and say yes to everything. It’s an interesting story and definitely a movie worth watching (Jim Carey is incredible and I will forever be a fan of his work).

It really shows you the power of of the word “yes” and what kind of impact it can have on your life.

But today I’m going to put an interesting spin on things. This may come as a surprise to many of you who know me as a positive, optimistic person through my writings, but I want to talk about the power of the word “no”.

No?…No?! What good could the word NO possibly do for an ambitious young person like yourself?

I mean the word just has demons crawling inside of it. No is naturally viewed as a highly negative, bad word to hear. Well I’d like to back-up the word NO and give a little support. Because it’s not all that bad.

In fact, if you don’t understand the value it provides, you’ll have a hard time getting success in anything you do.


Listen guys, we all have talents. We all have certain things that we should be doing, and should be doing for a living. When someone offers us an opportunity to work around a field of talent for us, that is a time we need to embrace the word YES and take a risk.

But what about the things that we aren’t necessarily meant to do??

The things that are not up our alley and we don’t have time or energy to learn.And probably don’t have any interest in getting involved in…

What happens when an opportunity gets presented to us with something along those lines?

Well my friend, that is a time when we must embrace the power of the word NO.

Flushing Out Distractions

When we are presented with and opportunity or a possible distraction that will not get us closer to our dreams, we must have the courage to say NO. Believe me, if you are putting yourself out there and striving to achieve your goals, there will be plenty times when you will have to say NO.

People, places, commercials, advertisements, etc, will be talking at you trying to get you to go down a certain path. But if you know what you want, and you can tell that this option will only be a roadblock or distraction, then have some balls and say NO. “Get the heck out of here!”

This is especially crucial for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur myself, I have a bad case of the disease “Shiny Object Syndrome”. Meaning it’s difficult for me to ignore all the opportunities, sales videos, new technology, new ways of making money, etc. It refers to the constant shiny objects that are capturing our attention one after another, keeping us from focusing one thing and committing to making that a success.

“You Have To Make Commitments and Stick With It”

I have to discipline myself to say NO to all the shiny objects out there. Entrepreneurs have it in their blood to constantly be on the lookout for new, game changing ideas and innovations, but they only become true innovations unless you block out all the possible distractions and focus on one thing at a time. You have to commit, and have the courage to say NO to all the other things tugging at your sleeve.

The same goes for a relationship or marriage. If you are committed to someone, you must have the courage to say NO to all the other possible mates who are chasing you down and attempting to seduce you. If you don’t have the courage to say NO…well, don’t expect to have any relationship success.

The ability to say NO when necessary is something that takes confidence. It’s easy to ignore an advertisement and say NO to the next way of making money on the internet. That’s a first step.

But what happens when your best friend comes to you asking for a loan to start a company? He tells you he really needs the capital and your his last hope for raising the money.

What then?

Well, figure out whether or not it is a good time for you, and if you believe it will make your life better. If not, then you must have the courage to look your friend in the eyes, and say “NO”.

It’s tough but learning when to say NO is crucial to getting true success in anything long-term.

You can only do what you can do, so say no to what you can’t do. Don’t try to do too much, because that will only backfire on you. Be honest with yourself and others, and learn when is the right time to say YES to an opportunity and when you must man up and say NO.

You see, NO really isn’t that bad of a word! As long as you use it properly and don’t let it hold you back from what you truly want.


Quick Tip

The power of the word NO is only powerful if you know what you want. You have to have clear goals and be on a road that is getting you closer to what you truly desire. Otherwise, saying NO to everything could mean you are turning down things that could turn into your greatest passion.

Your first step is to truly figure out what you want. Make clear goals that you are passionate about and ignite fire in your soul. Then start saying NO to all the other things.


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