7 Tips for Growing a Thriving Facebook Group for Your Business

Alex Hamm September 12, 2015 1
7 Tips for Growing a Thriving Facebook Group for Your Business

A very hot topic in the online marketing space these days is the idea of creating your own Facebook group. I recently read a book called Make Money with Facebook Groups by Abbie Unger, which dove deep into the topic.

Abbie inspired me to create this article to share what I have learned about using Facebook groups for marketing. If you have not yet joined my brand new Facebook page that I created specifically for this blog, you may do so here 🙂

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1. Build a community

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are creating a Facebook group for your business is that you’re building a community of people who have a shared interest or passion. You are NOT collecting a list of names that you can market to frequently. People are marketed to plenty in this noisy world and if they feel they are just your marketing guinea pigs, they won’t stick around.

You need to build a community of friends that all provide value and feedback and feel like they are a part of something special. You do that by following some of the tips below…

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2. Invite everyone

In the beginning, it’s important to generate some traction for your group. You do that by building up the number of members and by creating momentum in the community.

Invite ALL your Facebook friends when you first create your group, whether it’s 34, 174, 508, or 4,321. I mean, why not? Surely the majority of them will not be interested in what the group is about, but many will simply join because you are their friend and they want to support.

And those first few members will generate interest among the people who ACTUALLY ARE into the group topic. So invite everyone, you never know who will love the idea and topic of you group.

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3. Don’t sell

This is an important key that I want to reinforce. You cannot be constantly selling $#@% to your group members. They don’t want to buy from a sleezy salesman who tricked them into joining their “marketing list”. They want community, value, and real friends. 

This isn’t to say that you can never sell to your group. But it can’t be salesy. Once you have a valued group of people that like and trust you, you can start to offer them little things here and there and they will be okay with it because they will know that you are not just trying to take money from them…you care about them.

It’s much better to try to get them on an email list, or send them to a website where you start to do a little selling, and keep the Facebook group to just a valuable community of friends.

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4. Value each and every member

This is something that took me a while to learn. “The way to build an audience is by going deep, one person at a time”, says John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire.

It’s much better to have 50 members that you have a trusted, deep, strong relationship with than to have 5,000 members who barely know you’re first name, and you know nothing about. At first glance, that makes no sense.

But with all the noise, and crap online today, trust is the most important selling point. They have to know, trust and love you.

I suggest sending a personal Facebook message to every new person who requests to join your group. I try to do just that (sometimes I do forget, but it’s a good habit to make for your business relationships).

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5. Share content from your own websites and others like it 

You’ll want to share content consistently that brings value to your community. You do this by either creating consistent content for your own website/blog, or sharing content from other websites that share useful information pertaining to your group topic. Preferably, both of these.

You can also create YouTube videos, podcasts, and use all the other platforms to create and share content. Just make sure to frequently be sharing quality content and encourage your group members to do the same.

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6. Engage on a regular basis 

You can’t just share content and then run away. This is a mistake that I made in the beginning of my marketing journey and still do at times. I know the thought of engaging with ALL your members can be daunting, but it’s really not that bad. It’s simply important to respond to comments and posts that your members are making.

Make yourself a part of each and every conversation that is happening on your page.

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7. Have fun

If you ain’t having fun, you ain’t doing it right! First off, you need to make sure that the topic of your group (and business for that matter) is one that excites you! If not, well, your business is probably doomed anyways, so you may as well start over with something new.

Just tellin’ it like it is…

I hope you enjoyed this simple yet practical article and can put the tips into use for your own business 🙂

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    Ernestine September 13, 2015 at 5:40 am - Reply

    Thanks Alex – enjoyed reading your blog. I appreciate the tips and plan to take them to heart. Too often we get busy and we forget to really make good and lasting friends.

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