“How to Sell Like a Champion” – Tom Hopkins

Alex Hamm September 17, 2015 0
“How to Sell Like a Champion” – Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is one of the world’s premier sales experts, whose sold tens of thousands of books world wide and coaches sales people around the world on how to become sales champions. As a veteran sales person himself, Tom is known for his extraordinary ability to sell homes.

But Tom’s story in the professional world started out anything but successful. At the age of 19, he was married with a kid on the way, working a dead end construction job, trying to find a way to better support his young family. As a talkative and outgoing individual whom was not afraid to talk to new people, someone suggested his try his hand at selling. After hearing about the financial success one could have in the real estate business, Tom decided to give that a shot.

After several failed attempts on his licensing test, Tom finally passed and worked hard to earn a job at a local firm in town. His first 6 months were brutal, and he averaged a whopping $42/month in commission, having made just one sale during that time period. It wasn’t until Tom attended his first sales training seminar that things started to ‘click’.

By the age of 27, Hopkins became a millionaire selling homes, and in a total of 6 years sold more than 15o0 homes (almost one per day!). It was around that time that Tom started speaking on stage, writing books, and producing other material that showed others how to duplicate his success.

Today, Tom joins me for a short phone interview about his story and how he was able to accomplish such great things in the sales industry. He also shares numerous gold nuggets that we can all take into our business lives. No matter what you do in life, YOU ARE A SALESMAN. Communication is the #1 skill that leads to success in business and in life, and your ability to sell your ideas and messages to other people will be crucial to you success and happiness.

Enjoy Tom Hopkins Below 🙂

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Since 1976, Tom Hopkins International has been dedicated to providing the finest sales training strategies and techniques to individuals and companies alike.

Website: TomHopkins.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomHopkinsSales

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomHopkinsSales

Thanks again, Tom!

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