Brendon Burchard’s 5 Rules of Life for Dream Chasers

Alex Hamm February 2, 2015 3
Brendon Burchard’s 5 Rules of Life for Dream Chasers

Life has a given set of rules that we all must follow to some extent if we want see our dreams come true. In this article, I share 5 rules that Brendon Burchard says you must follow to see your own success.

Here they are:



1. Have vision 

The most important thing for someone who is chasing their dream to have is vision. The difference between a dream and a vision is the clarity in which they are seen. A dream is a vague idea of something you want accomplish in the future. A vision is a clear idea of how you want to feel and the way you want things to be in the future.

It’s the exact life you want to be living in the future. It’s clear and defined, and it’s important to always have a clear and defined vision for your future. It’s the only way you’ll truly be successful.

2. Believe in your ability to figure things out

This is wildly important and it directly ties to the concept of confidence. Anybody who has a dream and vision they are striving to achieve is going to run into challenges and obstacles. Some obstacles may seem so overwhelming and it feels like you will never get through them. Your belief in your ability to overcome challenges is what must push you forward.

Eventually, with due time, you will get through all challenges, but you must believe in your ability to plow forward and never give up.

3. Have fun

This is stupid obvious. If you are not having fun, what’s the point of living? Have fun, and enjoy the struggles as much as possible. If you can’t seem to do this, maybe you have the wrong dreams and vision.



 4. Be patient and persistent 

Success comes with time. Nothing comes immediately. Push forward for as long as possible and understand that your success is coming your way. You just have to wait for it, and work for it.

Don’t stop, your success is right around the corner.

5. Love and respect others 

Relationships are the most important thing in life. Your ability to love those around you is what will bring you lasting happiness.

It has been scientifically proven that you cannot feel angry and upset while also feeling loving and grateful. If you can evoke loving and grateful feelings within yourself as much as possible, you will begin to dissolve any negative, hatred feelings, and life will be much more pleasant.


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    Cosimo February 3, 2015 at 1:22 am - Reply

    Great article and video! I enjoyed the progressions of the rules. It is so important to begin by understanding who you are, and how you want to impact the world around you. Trusting your ability to respond to situations and being compassionate with yourself can create an environment of learning. I look forward to seeing more.

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    Mike February 3, 2015 at 6:36 am - Reply

    well written article! Excellent point of view and I got a lot out of it. Short and sweet!

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