April 2015

Welcome to the first ever Income Report for Attitudes 4 Innovation! We are starting these income reports because we just recently started testing out monetization strategies for Attitudes 4 Innovation and we want to share with you the journey of taking this blog to the moon!

Don’t expect big numbers for this first year, as remember, making money and building a brand takes time. But with hustle and persistence, we plan on taking taking Attitudes 4 Innovation to the millions…with your help!

This month is pretty simple in terms of income…

April Revenues: $95.58

Our only source of revenue to start out is Google Adsense and BlueHost affiliation. When we break it down, it comes out to just over $1 per day in earnings from Google Adsense, and we generated one sale for BlueHost, which paid us a commission of $65.

We are perfectly comfortable sharing this number with you because we want you to watch as the number increases over time. Also expect these income reports to get more in-depth, as we learn the different ways to make money in the online publishing world.

But for now, that’s all! Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the following month of content.