Hi, I’m Alex Hamm, the founder of Attitudes 4 Innovation. Attitudes4Innovation.com is a website dedicated to educating entrepreneurs & small business owners on topics related to self-development. As an entrepreneur, the most important thing you need to invest in is yourself.

Advertising, marketing, graphics, and staffing are all important elements to invest in, but if you are not constantly growing yourself, your knowledge, and your mindset, all that stuff will quickly collapse. That’s why we are here to provide you with FREE, valuable resources and tips to help you continuously grow your mind and knowledge, and in turn…yourself.

Along with articles, videos, and podcasts on self-development, you will also find some content on business tips in general. We know how confusing running a business can be as an entrepreneur, so we try to arm you with as much information and resources as possible to help you succeed.

You’ll find a variety of resources on this website, some of which are affiliate links to companies and services that I endorse and have used. (Check out our resources page)

You will also find some in-house products, including eBooks and courses on entrepreneurship and social media marketing. Many of you are running online businesses, and social media marketing is a MUST for your branding & marketing. If you are looking to learn more about social media marketing, you can check out my social media marketing blog Dominate Social, which is updated bi-monthly on special social media insights & tips.

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