9 Questions That Lead To Re-Writing Your Story

Davina Lyons July 21, 2014 1
9 Questions That Lead To Re-Writing Your Story

It is often stated, “…everyone has a story…” If you have wondered why your story feels like it doesn’t fit who you are, then it should be a relief to know that you have great potential to re-write your story. Up until now, you may have felt like a passenger on a long ride. Now, you are invited to take the wheel and drive!

Grab a journal, tablet, or notebook…whatever works for you, and write the answer to the following 9 questions.


1. Who are you?

This question is really about your identity. The way you think about yourself and the way you are viewed by the world. If you reflect upon your childhood and some of your behavior patterns as you were growing and maturing into an adult, there may be clues to your true identity.

2. What matters most?

If there is a cause that you would lose sleep over, list it. Whatever you believe strongly in having a say over the outcome is worthy to note. It can be a person, place, or thing; as long as you are willing to defend it, or make it better for others to experience.

3. What do you desire most?

DESIRE is a powerful motivator to invoke change in your life. Focusing on your desires is key to re-writing your story.

4. What or whom do you believe in?

Having a spiritual foundation is key as a support system when situations and circumstances seem to not go your way. It is also powerful to be accountable and show gratitude daily for your blessings.

5. What are you struggling with in your life?

Whether it’s a broken relationship, career, finances, etc. it requires your attention. You have to focus on your struggle and desire a favorable outcome. This will allow you to formulate a plan for resolution.

6. What community do you spend time with?

Who you hang out with or the company you keep is significant in your story. If your relationships are positive and adding to your life, then it is the right influence, but if not, then it is time to find a different community.

7. What is your mission?

Your mission is the assignment you are on in life. It’s the journey that you are taking to get to a specific destination. This is where you consider who you really are and what matters most to you.

8. What do you see in the future?

The future is the desired destination you envision. Mission and vision are usually expressed together because they are interrelated. The mission is the course you take and the vision is the desired point of arrival.

9. What is the big picture?

The big picture is your purpose! It is the ultimate purpose supporting your existence. The journey, the destination, your faith, the community – all a part of your story! As you answer questions one through eight, the answer to this question is revealed.

Meditate upon these questions while journaling. You are empowered to re-write your story!


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    Janice thompson December 17, 2014 at 12:33 am - Reply

    Some great coaching questions here

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