8 Things Positive People Do Daily That Makes Them Happy

Alex Hamm January 5, 2014 1
8 Things Positive People Do Daily That Makes Them Happy

I often hear from the various mentors and books I surround myself with that your success lies in your daily habits. I believe that also to be true for your happiness. Your happiness lies in your ability to do practice habits and rituals on a daily basis that put you in good moods.

It’s your choice…you can either wait for something to happen that will put you in a happy mood, or you can deliberately do things that cater to your happiness.

After reading Tom Hopkins’ The Official Guide to SuccessI have chosen the latter one.


Here are 8 things I learned from Tom Hopkins that positive, energetic, and happy people do daily:

1. Listen to lively music

Lose the negative and heartbreaking love songs form your iPod. This is a struggle for me everyday because I happen to feel connected to the negative songs that talk about the hardships of life and love.

And I know I’m not alone. There is a reason artists who write about heartbreak and lost love sell so many albums. People can relate to their music. It will always be the top selling genre in music.

What positive people have done is limited themselves from listening to too much of this music. Sure, it makes them feel better when they are down, but in reality it’s simply stirring up their negative emotions and making them much less happy.

Try putting more positive, up beat songs on your playlists and see how it affects your mood.

2. Listen to motivational tapes

Or better yet, another way to feel more positive energy is to listen to motivational tapes. Athletes do this all the time.

There is a reason why people love to watch and hear stories of the kid who stood no chance and overcame many obstacles to succeed. It’s motivating!

Listen to stuff that will make you say, “Man, if he can do it, so can I!”

3. Psyche yourself up with your own words

Positive people also have learned how to psyche themselves up with there own words. It can be tough to stay motivated when facing much adversity and many setbacks.

The quickest way to overcome this is tell yourself, out loud, that you are positive and awesome (or something along those lines). Give yourself words of motivation and tell yourself you are going to have the best day ever!

This can be a struggle but hearing ourselves speak words of motivation will often times stir up an energy that gets us through our current situation.

4. Keep positive books handy

Read positive books all the time. Whether it’s personal success books, a novel about adventure, or some other book that makes you laugh, smile, and feel the warm endorphins of life…keep them handy.

Tom Hopkins suggests keeping a good book in all places where you spend a substantial amount of time. In your office, in your car (but don’t read while you’re driving!), and next to your bed to read for a few minutes before you go to sleep.

5. Don’t put yourself down

Just as you should use positive words to psyche yourself up, you should avoid using negative words that put you down.

Try to avoid thinking toxic thoughts that make you feel down, or negative about yourself. And especially don’t say anything negative out loud. Try to replace them with positive thoughts and words that will keep you from feeling crappy.

As Tom Hopkins says, “Love yourself, Your the best person you know”

6. Build your family up

Spend time encouraging and saying positive words to family members. This instills a positive vibe in a household that breeds success. Stop putting down family members!

This is one of the toughest things for many people because we are all guilty of taking our family for granted. People take their spouse for granted, their siblings, and especially their parents. This often times creates an environment of expectations and lack of gratitude.

Instead, try to build your family up with positive words of encouragement and words that make them feel good. They will do the same and it will breed a happy, successful home.

7. Be generous

Positive people tend to be very generous. They are generous with their time, their words, and if they have it, their money.

The concept of being generous is not strictly limited to the rich. Although having money to donate is often times a great way to help and can be very fulfilling, most people don’t have the money to just throw around.

The idea is to be generous in ANY WAY YOU CAN. Don’t try to give something you don’t have. You can give your time to others as a way of being generous or simply take a moment to do something that shows a person you care about them.

Do what you can. Praise often, and don’t expect anything in return

8. Exercise often

And lastly, positive people make exercise a part of their daily regiment. As much as we all hate to physically brutalize our bodies, we gotta do it to stay healthy and fit.

Positive, energetic folks make exercise a part of their daily routine and it keeps them feeling great both emotionally and physically.

As I write this, I realize I have not been exercising enough personally. I’m off to go on a run. So long! And I hope these tips help you cultivate a positive, happy lifestyle.


Quick Tip

Talk to positive more, Talk to negative people less.


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