7 Tips for Rebooting Your Mind for Success

Dianne Maydee Mandal February 1, 2014 3
7 Tips for Rebooting Your Mind for Success

Everyone is capable of succeeding, but not everyone knows how to do it. So how does one succeed and move on to a better life? It is all about knowing how to reboot your mind to get whatever it is you want. Take a look at the 7 Mind Reboot Tips below to help you move on to an improved and more successful you!


Here are 7 tips for moving on and rebooting your mind for success:

Reboot for Success Tip # 1 – Let Go of Previous Notions and Move On 

We are all guilty of this. Yep, I certainly am.

We usually have certain beliefs about things, like how some things are impossible or has not been done before; but have you considered how this is holding you back?

Let me share with you something about myself, I am from a third world/developing country (Philippines). This means that there are a lot of things which were drilled into my mind to be part of the ‘realm of the impossible’ and that I will never ever, EVER be able to do. But guess what? What is it that differentiates industry leaders and inventors from other people? They went to move on to try their ideas. Yes, they’ve let go of what is ‘the impossible’ and just tried going for gold. Works every time, even for me.

Reboot for Success Tip # 2 – Stop Listening to Naysayers and Move On 

Ah the naysayers.

Ever wonder how come naysayers have all the time in the world putting people down and telling you that you can’t succeed at something or that it cannot be done? The answer is this, they have time because they’ve got absolutely nothing going on with their life except trying to mess up yours. So why are you going to let them ‘succeed’ at that? Take your life back and listen to yourself instead.

Reboot for Success Tip # 3 – Focus on What You Can Control and Move On 

Sure we may all wish that everything will go our way but some things are just the way they are.

Fretting about things beyond your control will only result to frustration and lost time. It is simply not smart to go that way. However, there are some things you do have some control over, so that’s great!

Succeeding in life is just like playing chess, if an opponent’s piece is blocking your way, of course you don’t cheat or bend the rules, you simply devise a strategy to get to what you want, and yes, you can do it, chess master or not!

Reboot for Success Tip # 4 – Stop Avoiding Change and Move On 

Are you afraid of change?

It is okay to be afraid of change (it scares the me too) but you have to realize that in order for you to succeed, you have to CHANGE from where you are in your life right now, to a better and brighter life. So you see, change is great, and it rocks!

Reboot for Success Tip # 5 – Be Your Own Cheerleader and Move On 

A lot of us oftentimes put ourselves down (I’m guilty of this too) and this makes for a recipe for disaster. Why? Because the ‘story’ you tell yourself when you are putting yourself down is just that, ‘a story’, which means it is all in your mind.

Have you ever experienced feeling that everyone is looking at you and that you are awkward, just like when you were a teenager? Were the people actually looking or was it just you thinking they were? Chances are, you are the only one aware you are feeling awkward and its affecting your life. Do yourself a favour and be your own cheerleader to move on to success. After all, you are the person who loves and knows yourself the most.

Reboot for Success Tip # 6 – Just Do It and Move On 

That’s it! The only way to really move forward is to stop procrastinating.

As a psychiatric nurse, I’ve always come across people who have a ton of regrets. They had all these plans when they were healthier or perhaps when they were younger but were too chicken to pursue it. It is really sad.

Wake up call folks, time is something you cannot take back (even if you have a time machine, which you don’t). Think of this, every moment you spend waiting for the “right time” is a moment you are taking from you actually enjoying what type of life you wanted.

The best opportunity is NOW, no ifs, no buts and no more waiting.

Reboot for Success Tip # 7 – Look Forward to Success and Move On 

This deserves to be the final tip because it works. To move on to your successful self, you need to really look forward to it.

Do you want a promotion? Start doing higher level tasks and start dressing for it. “Dress up for success” is a famous saying because it works. Think of this, when you look forward to a better and more successful you, you start carrying yourself in that manner. People are going to notice it and that is what going to make things happen.

Do you want to lose weight? Then start planning on all the wonderful things you can do to achieve it and how great you will feel and look when it happens. Do you want to be more active? Start by signing up for more activities. Do it NOW.  

The tips in here all talk about moving on to a better state of thinking to reboot your mind, an effective way to help you achieve an improved state of life. Though some of them might sound cliché, they are true and apply to every one of us. Give one or two of the tips a chance and see how it works for you. Remember that any life that you want starts with you, so just move and grab it NOW.


Dianne Maydee is on the process of writing her on book on motivation. She is a life coach, a nurse, an educator, an artist, a writer and an animal lover. She can be reached at http://www.diannemaydee.com/ where she slays dragons with the use of words and tames monsters through her cooking.


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    Jagdish Kashyap January 28, 2015 at 8:40 am - Reply

    Really very very thankful for this wonderful post, I really need this badly!
    I’m going to start my own business & some things are pulling me back but now its all clear.

    -Jagdish Kashyap

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      diannemaydee January 28, 2015 at 5:43 pm - Reply

      Hello Jagdish!

      I’m really glad you liked my article! I was beginning to think no one ever read it haha! There is no real way to success, except to start doing things. No excuses, just do it! All the best! 🙂

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