7 Tips for Cultivating a Happy Mind

Dianne Maydee Mandal March 3, 2014 0
7 Tips for Cultivating a Happy Mind

Numerous studies support the fact that happy people live longer lives, are more productive and are healthier. No wonder being happy makes us feel so good and therefore happier, right? Do you want to have a happy mind? I bet you do!


So what are some of the ways that one can achieve a happy mind? Read the following on 7 Tips to a Happy Mind and you might just find a bit of wisdom that could help change your life:

Happy Mind Tip #1 – Start Saying Stop

The majority of the things that makes us unhappy is brought on by us choosing to wallow in that state.

The sooner you realize that enabling whatever makes you unhappy has become the norm in your life, the sooner you can work towards getting rid of it. For example, whenever something bad happens, you find yourself thinking of it again and again, leading you to spiral down an abyss of negative thinking – BAD!

Learn when to say stop, or better yet, tell that negative voice inside your head to SHUT UP.

Happy Mind Tip #2 – Stop Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Grass

Sure, the grass on the other side of the fence might look greener, but, that grass is NOT YOUR GRASS.

Get it?

What I mean to say is, instead of trying to take what other people have, focus on what you have and nourish it. Give your grass some fertilizer. Water it daily. Keep your feet off the grass and soon you’ll see it grow a lot greener than the rest of the grass around you.

Stop spending energy on what you don’t have and cannot have. Focus on what you do have and transform it into something that you’d be proud to offer the world.

An example of this would be wanting to have lips like Jolie’s just so you can snag your own Brad. Things do not work like that in the real world. Your Brad might like your lips just the way they are so instead of trying to change it, love it.

Happy Mind Tip #3 – Stop Worrying What Other People Think About You

This is something all of us are familiar with. Caring about what other people are thinking about you is fine. It is worrying about it that is not okay. Why?

At the end of the day, you won’t know what other people are thinking about you for real. Chances are, they might not be thinking about you at all and are busy thinking about what you are thinking about them. Do you see what this means?

Worrying about what other people might say stresses you out. You feel that you need to keep up. You feel that you need to measure up. It is all a cycle of nonsense because those people you are worried about are not even thinking about you other than what you may be thinking about them as well.

We see this on facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media sites on a daily basis – people who post things to seek other people’s approval. Bottom line, it’s a waste of energy and a waste of time. The only person you have to be at peace with is yourself.

Happy Mind Tip #4 – Stop Thinking That You Need to Save the World

A lot of us feel we need to fix things, and that is normal. However, having a ‘need’ to fix everything is not good. Why? Because what you may think as imperfect can be perfect for other people and they are happy with it.

Have you ever had a nasty argument with someone who had an opposing view as yours? It went really bad right? Didn’t you feel depleted and frustrated afterwards? This happens because you and the other person were trying to win the argument. The truth is, no side can win unless the other side permits it to happen.

So what to do then? Realize that you don’t ‘need’ to save the world but you can try. The best way to try would be enlisting others to your cause via education and debate. Not only will you gain a more peaceful and happy mind but you’ll gain friends as well.

Happy Mind Tip #5 – Think You are a Winner

A lot of people have the victim mentality. When something goes wrong, they immediately blame other people for their problems. This happens to me as well too and the best way to overcome it is to acknowledge it.

A victim mentality or a blaming mentality won’t help you. It simply perpetuates the notion of ‘poor me’ who needs saving. Other people are thinking the same too. If you are waiting for rescue, you are in for a super long wait. Take charge and realize that you are the person who holds full responsibility towards your life.

Think like a winner. Think you ARE a winner. It makes a world of difference. After all, your world is the world you create in your mind. Engineer it like a boss.

Happy Mind Tip #6 – Think Like a Dog

Ever wondered why dogs seem so cool and happy all the time? It is because they think like dogs! That’s why they are happy.

Dogs live on the present. They react to what is happening NOW.

I’ve learned this from observing my dog. If I forget to pet her before I leave in the morning, she does not dwell on this fact. She just enjoys my presence whenever I’m home. She does not worry about things which have not happened yet (like what if I forget to buy her treats one day) nor keeps grudges (like that time the cat ambushed her). She’s just chillaxing and enjoying the moment as it happens and she’s living a happy life.

Happy Mind #7 – You Do Not Have to Do Everything on this List

We all have our ways. What is right for me may not feel right for you. Although I’ve said stuff like do this and do that, you do not have to do something you are not happy with.

Remember Tip to a Happy Mind #1? You are in a position to say NO when you want, to WHO you want.

If you want to close the browser now, do it. If you want to share this article because it is so awesome, do that too! Doing what makes you happy has positive consequences you know – like making you happy!


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