7 Steps Leaders Should Take to Build a Powerful Self Image

Steve Gutzler September 18, 2015 1
7 Steps Leaders Should Take to Build a Powerful Self Image

There was a day when my dreams were a “10” but my self image as a leader was a “5.” I’ve worked hard to build myself up, to be true and authentic, to be humble, and to be confident.

If I look in the mirror and feel negative about what I see, inside and out, it’s impossible to be positive and add value to myself and others. I have certainly not mastered a powerful self image but I am far better than I was 10 years ago. I believe my dreams and self image are better aligned now. I am discovering powerful results and consistent success and for that I am thankful!

I’d like to offer 7 steps to build a powerful self image:

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1. Build on what you like

Most people dwell on what they don’t like about themselves. Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny. Our image obsessed culture is choking out our uniqueness. Take a few simple moments each day and point out what you like about yourself. Your looks, your heart, your gifts.

2. Build better self-talk

We all have an inner dialogue that runs throughout our day. I call it your “big voice” and “small voice.” My self-image started to change when I realized I could influence and control my self-talk. Become an encourager, a cheerleader, a coach. Every positive thing you say to yourself helps your self image.

3. Build on an empowering written statement

The practice of journaling has slowed my morning routine and has allowed me to intentionally write out one empowering statement each day. For example, “Today I will be energetic, enthusiastic, and a contagious solutions finder.”

4. Build a leadership vocabulary

Take my 30 day challenge. Get a nice colorful rubber band and put it on your left wrist. Each time you speak negative or critically… don’t snap it… simply place it on your other wrist. Keep track of how many times you have to change wrists with the rubber band. I guarantee over the course of 30 days you’ll shift from a negative personal mindset to a strong leadership vocabulary.

5. Build on one action each day

It’s called the power of a 1% action. It could be one healthy choice around nutrition, time management, self-care, or spiritual peace. Do one thing to improve yourself each day – no exceptions.

6. Build your successful disciplines list

We become what we focus on. I’ve encouraged my coaching clients to build a list of their successful disciplines. A disciplined life is a healthy life. Your self-image will grow quickly.

7. Build and celebrate private victories

Sunday is my day to reflect and review. Part of my review is celebrating my private victories, victories no one else sees that I accomplished. It could be as simple as holding my commitment to rise early and honor spiritual commitments of solitude and journaling. It could be successfully delivering a leadership training with energy, detail, and passion.

We live in a cynical culture and it takes a strong personal leader to build a powerful self-image. Each time you take a step forward, think a positive thought, make a healthy choice, practice a small discipline – your self image grows more powerful and the results lead to better successes.

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