7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry Has Become A Superstar

Alex Hamm July 27, 2015 1
7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry Has Become A Superstar

Stephen Curry has become one of basketball’s cherished stars, and has been on just about every magazine cover and sports newspaper headline in 2015. After winning the MVP award and leading the Golden State Warriors to a Finals victory, he has become quite the story.

I’m sorry to say that you may not truly understand what is happening in this article if you do not have an understanding of basketball; this is not the article for you. But if you have any idea who Steph Curry is, and you get any enjoyment from the game of basketball whatsoever, then read on and learn some key lessons from the 2015 NBA MVP.

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1. He’s well-rounded

Stephen Curry has become a very well-rounded player over the course of his career. He is no longer the under-sized sharp shooter that he was in college and in his early years with the Warriors. He has grown into a very well-rounded player that can handle any challenge and has skills to be able to take on any competitor.

2. He has a secret weapon

Although he has become a very well-rounded player, he does have his secret weapon: 3 -point shooting.

Steph is a player that knows his strengths and he utilizes his strengths to maximum power. He knows he can shoot, so he shoots…A LOT. You don’t see him driving to the hoop nearly as much, simply because he knows he will be much more effectively from outside the 3 point line.

This is a classic case of being extremely self aware, and betting on your strengths.

3. He’s humble

Curry is a very humble man. As a relatively soft-spoken 27-year old, it’s hard for him not to be. He just shows up for practice, puts his heart into it, and doesn’t brag. Sure, he knows he has become one of the biggest stars in the game, but he does not let that get to his head.

He consistently gives his teammates an excessive amount of credit for his personal and his team’s success, and for that reason he is loved by many.

4. He doesn’t care what you think of him

Although it may be hard to believe, Steph Curry does have some haters. But guess what? Curry could care less about those people! And to be honest, I don’t think he even cares all that much if you like him. He just plays the game he loves, and appreciates anybody who supports him.

He doesn’t give a second thought to what you are thinking about him.

5. He’s grown tremendously

Not a whole lot physically…he’s still that scrawny kid from when he first hit the scene in the 2008 NCAA March Madness tourney. But as a player, a friend, and a leader, he has grown beyond what anybody could have imagined. As someone who isn’t necessarily extroverted or out-spoken, Steph leads by example and is always making those around him better.

6. He keeps his composure

You never really see Stephen Curry get mad, do you? I think I’ve seen him out of control maybe one time since he’s been in the NBA. It probably explains why he’s gotten less than 3 technical fouls in the past 6 years.

No matter what happens, Steph always keeps his composure. Sure, I’m sure he feels like blowing up sometimes on the court, but that’s just not his style, and he knows it would do no good for him or his team. So he keeps his mouth shut. Respect.

7. He loves his craft

Most importantly of all, he loves the game of basketball. He loves every minute that he’s out on that court and has a ball in his hands. You can truly see the desire to play and the desire to win every time you see him on TV or in person.

That desire has translated in many hours of sweat and blood, which has developed him into one of the world’s premier stars, and the 2015 NBA MVP.

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