7 Reasons Lewis Howes Is So Successful Online

Alex Hamm September 5, 2015 1
7 Reasons Lewis Howes Is So Successful Online

Lewis Howes is a former professional football player who now spends his days creating online courses, teaching people how to build businesses online, and inspiring people through his books and podcasts. He first hit the scene several years back when he launched his wildly successful course Linkedinfluence, which teaches people how to build successful marketing systems and network on Linkedin.

Lewis is now the host of the School of Greatness podcast and author of the upcoming book, The School of Greatness. He also has his hands dipped in some other projects as well, and spends some time speaking at conferences. Here are 7 reasons why Lewis has become so successful in the online business and digital marketing space:

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1. He’s charismatic 

First things first, Lewis is a big, confident, and charismatic man. Although he’s not as enthusiastic or energetic as some other online business rock stars like Gary Vaynerchuk, he has his own way of owning his space and commanding attention.

You notice this charisma in any of his videos or during any of his podcast shows. Learn more about him and listen to a few episodes of his podcast here.

2. He’s consistent 

Lewis has been online for close o a decade now and has only dipped his hands in a few different major projects. The reason for this is because he clearly knows how to stay consistent with certain projects for long periods of time, like he was with all his Linkedin training programs and now has has been with the School of Greatness brand.

It’s important to be consistent with anything you do in life and particularly online. There has been a myth going around that building an online business is quick and easy. Let me ask you, if that were true, why isn’t everyone online successful? Building a successful online business is challenging and takes time. Stay consistent. 

3. He values his time 

Lewis charges $7,500/hour for his mentorship. That’s a lot of cash for just 60 minutes. Now, of course, Lewis has built up an amazing brand and has made millions of dollars on the web, so he has that to leverage when commanding his fees. However, it demonstrates how much he values his time. Most people are working for $10-20 per hour. Lewis completely blows that out of the water.

Value your time, or no one else will.

4. He builds leverage 

Lewis has been building years worth of leverage with his podcast The School of Greatness, as well as with the numerous amount of content he puts out on his website LewisHowes.comGary Vee says it all the time, “You have to build leverage, and then you guilt people into buying your stuff!” That’s true to an extent.

Lewis has been building leverage since day one with the amount of incredible content he puts out and the value he brings to the table. It’s a major component to his success. Start thinking about all the ways you can provide excessive amounts of value and build massive amounts of authority and leverage with your market and audience.

5. He is very good at focusing 

Like I mentioned above with the consistency comment, Lewis is very good at focusing on what he is doing, and sticking with it. He focused on linkedin trainings and other social media marketing platforms for a while, and now it’s all about the School of greatness. He focuses on what he’s working on and sticks with it.

This is quite the inspiration to us all, as most people in this world have a problem with focus and consistency. Let’s all follow in Lewis’ footsteps.

6. He has more than one line of expertise 

Like I mentioned above, Lewis dabbled in a couple different social media platforms and developed his authority and expertise in each of them. Although Linkedin was his main priority, he appeared on webinars with Facebook and Twitter experts as well. And now ironically, he coaches people on how to use webinars to grow their businesses!

The key success online is to crush it at one thing first and then expand off that leverage that you built as an expert.

7. He networks 

One of the reasons successful people are so successful, is because they hang around with other quality people. It’s sort of like the chicken in the egg. If you can get in close proximity with other successful people, it won’t take long for that success to rub off on you. But the key is to get into those networks.

Lewis has rubbed necks with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and a lot of other millionaire entrepreneurs whom we all look up to.

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    Nice post alex,
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