7 Reasons Every Leader Needs to Improve

Richard Brody July 26, 2015 3
7 Reasons Every Leader Needs to Improve

Performing as a superior, effective, meaningful, and (hopefully) great leader, necessitates a mindset and a willingness to continuously become better, and thus make a more significant impact on his organization. Just as most things in life, where one must constantly evolve in an actual manner, serving as a true leader requires an inner recognition and ability to objectively recognize his best abilities, as well areas of weakness that he should improve and/or enhance.

Perhaps the most significant difference between merely serving in some position of leadership, versus really leading, is a true leader knows, realizes and accepts the idea that no one is ever perfect, and thus must seek (on a daily basis) to IMPROVE in such a way as to become better able to lead in a valuable, relevant and sustainable way.

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1. Ideas, innovate, ingenuity, integrity

Are you ready, willing and able to introduce original ideas, in order to make your group stronger? Do you have the ability to visualize things (ramifications) that others may not as easily perceive of? Can you differentiate between mere pie-in-the sky approaches, as opposed to considering, developing and best utilizing alternatives? Do you exhibit absolute integrity?

2. Make things happen!

You can’t wait for others to do it, but rather must proactively make then work! This means leading by example, and doing so in an automatic, constant and consistent manner. You must never merely use the rhetoric of change, but must become the vehicle to assure the best opportunities, etc.

3. Priorities and planning

Merely doing something or seeming (or even being) busy is generally unrelated to truly leading. Rather, a real leader has a sense of urgency and direction, that directs him to develop priorities, and to not merely suggest, but rather plan the best course of action, etc., to follow.

4. Relevant, reliable, reasonable, rational

 Think – how does this idea positively impact stakeholders and the organization? Will the consider the group to be relevant and/or significant enough to motivate them to more closely embrace his identity of being a part of that group? Will others consider your ideas to be reasonable and rational, and if not, are you ready, willing and able to further explain thoroughly your rationale?

5. Options, opt, opportunities

Quite often, one of the most significant factors that differentiate great leaders from the wannabes, is the willingness and ability to prepare for opportunities, know one’s options/alternatives, and opt for the one that will have the potential of creating the finest results.

6. Vital, vibrant vision

 How can one be expected to lead unless he personally believes in his approach and perceptions, and thus motivates others to buy into his vision? Do your ideas resonate with others in a vibrant, exciting and positively motivational way?

7. Empathy; energy; enthusiasm; excellence

Are you willing to prioritize the needs, concerns and priorities of those you serve? Do you continuously bring the maximum energy and enthusiasm that lets others clearly know what you seek to do? Are you willing to accept average or mediocre, or will you strive for excellence in everything you do?

Realize you have to keep improving if you want to be effective and evolve! You can’t lead effectively until and unless you accept the fact that everyone can always get better!

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    Lisa July 27, 2015 at 4:15 am - Reply

    Guest blog sometime. You are doing well. The look Ishtar, the style is fine buffing come off as aspiring or hoping… A “true leader” speaks with difinitive statements.

    That’s about all I see that might help boost your readability; that sweet gentle hopefully say to people who interpret in a closed box mindset to “this guy isn’t a leader if he is hopefully doing… And click closed you lost your reader.

    Just thought. Make the adjustment; it will have a drastic effect on your delivery and response. Let me know that works for you! Leading for 20+ years in this industry. lat

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    Niccole July 29, 2015 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Love the article, inspirational…
    You have to BELIEVE it, then you’ll SEE it.
    Attitudes of appreciation attract more appreciation.

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    Michael August 3, 2015 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    I’ve always believe there to be a big difference between leadership and managing skills – It just goes to show that leadership requires a much more in depth look at one’s self before other can see you in the same light & understanding.

    Great read!

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