7 Inspirational Quotes From Zig Ziglar

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7 Inspirational Quotes From Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar was one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. He and a few other big names (Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy) sit in a very small circle of superstars who have inspired the world to achieve greatness.

It was a tragedy when we lost Zig, but his legacy will forever be remembered. Today we share 7 of Zig Ziglar’s most inspiration words…


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1. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

Most people see desires and success as tangibles that you must go get and enlist as much help as possible along the way. I believe this to be true.

But what Zig reminds us here is that if you are not willing to help others, chances are few will be willing to help you. And the opposite is true as well. If you are willing to help others, then just about everyone will be happy to return the favor and help you with your goals,

Find people, learn about their hopes, desires, and goals, and offer your assistance in any way you can. Enough of this will create a compound effect where everyone is helping you get to your goals and dreams.

2. Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

“It’s not how much smart you have, it’s how much heart you have”

-EJ Carrion

Knowledge is good, and getting an education in whatever you are striving towards is essential to your success. But it is far from enough.

You can get away with the minimum amount of training and smarts in any profession if you go in with the right attitude. Your attitude is what drives your feelings, and your confidence, which in turn decides your actions and decisions. And your actions are what create your results.

If you have a positive, optimistic, and persistent attitude, lack of knowledge will not stop you. You will find a way. Remember that it’s your attitude that matters most in all of your endeavors.

3. Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking.

This plays right off the last quote. Zig was a wise man and he believes your attitude is a choice. You can either have a positive outlook on life or a negative outlook on life. The positive outlook will ALWAYS result in higher success.

4. If you learn from defeat, you really haven’t lost.

I am a big fan of John C. Maxwell, and I particularly loved his newest book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. Zig sums up the entire concept of that book in this simple quote.

If you look at mistakes as stepping stones towards success and your failures as a guide towards your eventual achievement, then you never really lose. All success is hidden behind a large pile of failure, and the best thing we can do with that failure is learn from it. The more we learn from our screw ups and defeats, the sooner we will win and succeed.

You will lose at times and you will make mistakes. But Zig says you can turn those blunders into learning experiences (which is a very positive outcome).

5.  Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

Have high expectations for yourself in life. Never accept anything less than greatness and 110% effort from yourself.

Now, that being stated, Zig says you should also be prepared for the worst. If you expect good things to happen, but something bad happens and a curve ball is thrown at you, you will be prepared to quickly bounce back and turn that into greatness.

And no matter what happens, learn to live with it. Take what is thrown at you, and capitalize on it. Turn those lemons into lemonade.

6. Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to be successful.

I don’t think anyone hates adversity as much as me. Okay, that is probably a lie. We all hate adversity equally.

Adversity is something that is uncomfortable, awkward, and makes us feel like we are complete failures. We all face adversity throughout our days and we all face adversity with different endeavors. One person’s adversity is very different than another person’s because we were all gifted with different talents and skills.

Zig tells us not to be too hard on ourselves when we face adversity. In fact, that adversity is what is going to give us the strength to break through future barriers and eventually succeed. The adversity turns from our greatest enemy to our most treasured friend.

7. You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

This plays off of principle number 5. Your expectations and your preparations directly determine your outcomes.

You were born with the ability to make great things happen in this world. You were given a set of talents that can turn water into gold. But in order to make that transformation, you must do a TON of planning, preparing and believe with your full heart that you can reach the other side and succeed.

Zig says we all can win in life. But few do. The difference lies in the amount of work put in towards planning and preparing to win.

This is why you hear professional athletes talk about the struggles, adversity and work they put in for years prior to their professional success. It took years and years of practice, learning, and persistence to get to the top level. But they eventually became a winner, and it was due to all that planning, prep work, and confidence in them self.


Quick Tip

“Every morning before you get ready, take a walk of gratitude”  -Jon Gordon


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