6 Traits of People Who Live Fully Charged Lives

Alex Hamm January 30, 2015 1
6 Traits of People Who Live Fully Charged Lives

Recently, while reading through Brendon Burchard’s The Charge, I came across what he calls the 7 traits of “charged” individuals, or people who live fulfilling and exciting lives filled with fun and success. Below, I share my top 6, and a little commentary on how it can apply to your life…

Via MyThriveMag.com

Via MyThriveMag.com

1. They are open and observant in the moment

People whose lives seem to be on fire are always present in the moment. They aren’t constantly dwelling on the past or stressing about the uncertainty of the future, they realize that life is unpredictable and that’s what makes it fun.

They live in the moment and no where else.

2. They are future oriented

Although people who are fully engaged and love life are living in the moment, they also have large goals, ambitions, and visions that they are constantly working towards.

Whether it’s building a business, learning a new challenging skill, or simply having the goal of traveling everywhere in the world, they have BIG VISIONS that their current selves are constantly working towards with passion and excitement. This is what allows them to get excited about work.


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 3. They are challenge seekers

Coming off of the last point, people whose lives are fully charged are always looking for challenges. They understand that they are powerful individuals with a lot of fire and energy, meaning they will be able to conquer any challenge they encounter. So they have fun with it…

Nobody wants a boring, challenge-free life. That would be a pointless life of living. But on the other hand, many people get overwhelmed by challenges and let the challenges tear them down.

Successful, energized individuals on the hand charge at these challenges with a full tank of gas and do everything they can to conquer it. They spend hours pounding away, and they love every minute of it. They understand that every challenge can be conquered if you believe it can be, and if you stick with it long enough.

4. They are interested in connecting with others

This is an important one. Successful people, the kind that most people envy, are always interested in connecting with others. They find relationships as the key to a successful and enjoyable life, so they seek authentic connection wherever they go.

This hunger for connection and skill to communicate well does wonders for their lives. It allows them to have amazing friends and marriages, experience deep, rich moments with others, and obtain other material items simply because they are liked and respected by many.

5. They are self-reliant 

Although they love company and are always looking to work with and connect with others, they never solely rely on others to provide them with happiness and success. Successful and happy people take it upon themselves to be that way, and nothing that anyone says or does can affect them. They often times burns bridges because of their stubbornness to accept negativity in their life.

That’s how you have to be. 

6. They are creatively driven 

And lastly, fully engaged and charged individuals are always looking to express themselves creatively. We all love to be whacky and creative and use the left side of our brains, but many of us never seem to find positions or opportunities where we can do so.

Successful and happy people are consciously looking for work and play projects where they can have fun and use their creativity.

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