6 Steps for Achieving Content Marketing Success

Alex Hamm September 18, 2015 1
6 Steps for Achieving Content Marketing Success

Content marketing is a popular word online these days, especially in the marketing industry. Too many people are uneducated on the subject, and more importantly, have no idea how to create their own content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is simply producing content (articles and such) for a blog or website on a regular basis and building a readership amongst your niche. This in turn will hopefully provide you with more credibility, loyalty, and prospects.

Here is my step-by-step strategy for executing a content marketing strategy…

1. Have a schedule and strategy

It’s important to have a schedule for when you will publish articles and blog posts. A big problem that content marketers, including myself, have had in the past is just posting when they feel like it.

This raises a number of problems. First of all, it does not keep you accountable and often times you may go weeks or even months without posting anything. This is toxic to any kind of traction you are trying to build up online. Secondly, it doesn’t give your readers or followers anything to look forward to. The best websites and blogs out there have raving fans that expect content on certain times and days. And the publishers give the people what they want and are expecting. That’s how you gain trust and loyal fans.

Don’t be the guy who thinks he can publish at random times. Set up a consistent schedule and discipline yourself to stick to that schedule. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly…or even daily if you’re dedicated. But make a schedule and stick to it. Email me if you are unsure of how often to post.

Via Weebly.com

Via Weebly.com

2. Be a content machine

Pump out content on schedule and make sure you have lots of content in the cooker. This is actually a mistake I am still making to this day with this particular blog. I am writing this blog post the day it is due for publishing, which is NOT a good habit to get into.

Don’t make this mistake. Sh*% happens and you want to make sure you spend some time creating posts available for publishing if you are unable to create content on the fly. This is a lesson I am soaking in as I write. Take it from someone who has made the mistake of losing traction due to laziness from not having posts ready in time…it sucks.

Get disciplined! Be a content MACHINEEEEE!


Via WordPress.com

3. Make engagement a priority

Engagement is a word that is thrown around a lot and I’m not sure that everyone really understands what it means. The way I look at it is engagement is provoking conversation amongst readers and followers, both with you and with each other. 

It is a powerful thing if you know how to create content and marketing messages that gets people talking. So do what you can to word your messages in an interesting way that provokes questions and comments. That’s what gets you massive attention.

Via Wikimedia.org

Via Wikimedia.org

4. Invest in social media

With both time and money (if possible). I understand some of you may lack time and others lack money. That is okay because you can exchange one for the other. If you have some time, invest it in social media marketing! It’s the only free way to get your stuff noticed on the web.

Learn the trade and read my free eBooks, and really make it a priority to get more attention on social media to your blog. If you have money, talk to me!…:)

But seriously, that’s when you can invest in things like Facebook ads and a team to work your Twitter audience. These are the things that will get more traffic and readers to your content.

Via Trulia.com

Via Trulia.com

5. Use search engine marketing

This doesn’t necessarily mean pay for SEO, although that is a pretty good strategy if you know what you’re doing. Make sure your keywords are optimized. Take the time to look into some simple SEO strategies and implement the right words onto each of your posts and articles.

Don’t ignore this step. This is truly the only long-term advantage you have for getting free traffic.

Via FiveInTheMorning.com

Via FiveInTheMorning.com

6. Hire a dedicated person

This last idea is the concept of outsourcing your content marketing. This is actually a strategy I’m considering implementing in my business REAL soon. With the day to day tasks of life and business, keeping up with a blog can be tough. But it’s VERY important.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an educated person or writer to pump out some content for you on a regular basis. Of course, the quality of their writing is CRUCIAL. Make sure you spend some time evaluating their work before hiring anyone.

But once they have proven themselves, slowly hand over some of the responsibilities to this person. It will save you time, and often times will provide more, and BETTER value to your readers! 😉

Via WordPress.com

Via WordPress.com

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