6 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in 2015

Cosimo Galletti February 10, 2015 2
6 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself in 2015

It’s 2015 and time to begin a new year. Many of us will set out to redefine ourselves by making big changes. In most cases change is not an accident. It is purposeful and happens through a mindset of intent. So here are a few questions to help you along in the beginning of your change and plan.

1. What are Your Priorities for 2015?

Knowing what your real priorities are going into a new are so important. As the year advances we all can easily get distracted with events and wants that are not true priorities. Align your priorities with what you want to accomplish in life and you will begin to see an increased pace of change.


2. What 4 things do you want to accomplish at the end of 2015?

There is a great quote from John Wooden. “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” Set out clear and measurable results you want to accomplish. I find the best way to do this is to write them down somewhere where you can see them daily. These will also help you to establish your priorities.

3. What is one dysfunctional habit that you want to change for 2015?

We all struggle with internal habits that for the most part are unknown to us. Look at your goals and priorities for the year and choose one habit that you will work to change for the better.

4. What Are You Afraid of Losing?

Fear can be a powerful way to demotivate us in our lives. These fears are what holds us back from even trying new things or reaching past our current threshold of performance. Identify what you are most scared losing and address the fact that this fear controls you and keeps you from achieving your dreams.

5. Do You Have A Respectable Name With The People On Your Team?

When setting out new goals for 2015 think about the people close to you and ask yourself what they really think of you? Do they believe in what you are saying and doing? Having a strong support network backing you is of great importance to making positive changes in your life. If you struggle with answering these questions you may look to these individuals for guidance and the answer.

6. Where Do You Need to Invest More Time in Yourself?

I am a huge advocate of self-improvement. It is a tough idea to hold on to because for the most part we are socialized to believe that you should always help others first. I do agree with helping other and it is important to put yourself in the position where you can be effective in doing this. By putting aside time to read, network, socialize, adventure, and even reflect, you provide an environment for other to do the same. To lead is to do so by example not direction.

Begin to follow these tips at the beginning of the year and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve. Remember always to be compassionate with yourself when planning and executing changes in your life. You may not get the result you wanted on the first try. That is normal and it is rare that anything worth doing is easy.

I would like to personally thank you for following me through 2014 and I look forward to helping in any way you see fit with making positive changes in your life through 2015.

Happy New Year!

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    Great article, thanks for publishing. I’m looking forward to reading more!

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    Good tips on being more goal driven!

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