6 Must-Read Books From John C. Maxwell

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6 Must-Read Books From John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell has published over 30 books in his 40+ years as a preacher, author, and leadership trainer. His revolutionary ideas, techniques, and life philosophies have shaped the minds of many people of all ages and cultures.

His books have been recognized as some of the most practical and useful guides for developing yourself into the best person you can be. His topics range from leadership, communication, time management, and even business strategy.

Maxwell has trained millions of leaders over the past several decades and is personally responsible for creating a new generation thought leaders. Whether you are a preacher, father, mother, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to be a stronger leader in life, the work that John C. Maxwell has put in and shared can transform your life.

Here are 6 MUST-READ books from John C. Maxwell:

1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership


“Everything rises and falls on leadership”

-John C. Maxwell

This is the most popular read from Mr. Maxwell. With over a million copies sold in just a few years, Maxwell’s 21 laws have become a guide for all leaders world wide.

It’s pretty simple: If you want to be a strong leader, you follow these laws. 

2. Winning with People


Another very popular read from Maxwell, Winning with People shares the basic principles to succeed working with people in the business world (and in personal lives).

With 25 practical concepts that can be easily implemented, these tips should be devoured by anyone who is looking to work with people on a more efficient level.

3. Thinking For a Change


This masterpiece was the second JCM book I ever read. It shares 11 ways that successful people think, and how anyone can quickly adopt these thinking patterns and habits.

These are not your typical thinking patterns like “Think Smart” or “Think Big”. They are specific and each chapter dives deep on how they can transform a life.

4. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect


One of his more under the radar books, Everyone Communicates, Few Connects is all about the principles needed to connect with a person on a deeper level. Whether you are looking to connect with your spouse or family better, or you simply want to bond with people at your organization easier, this is the book for you. Read it, use it, live it.

5. Failing Forward


I won’t say this was my favorite JCM book, because I loved all of them…but this was a gem. Failing Forward is the ultimate guide for plowing through mistakes and turning them into VALUABLE learning experiences.

This will particular help you if you are feeling frustrated with mistakes and failures, and are looking for answers. Find the answers here.

6. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn


In his most recent book, John shares some brand new concepts for going through life with a teachability mindset, meaning you are always looking to learn. It is similar to Failing Forward, but dives deeper into how you can change your mindset and become the best possible learner you can be.

For a full list of John C. Maxwell books, visit http://www.amazon.com/John-C.-Maxwell/e/B001H6NROC


Quick Tip

Start by picking just one of these books that you have not read yet and looks interesting to you. Read it all the way through. You’ll LOVE it.


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