50 Cent’s 10 Tips for Amassing Extraordinary Success

Alex Hamm August 14, 2015 2
50 Cent’s 10 Tips for Amassing Extraordinary Success

50 Cent is one the most successful rap artists of all time. With over 30 million albums sold over the course of his career, he has inspired millions of people across the world. Not only that, but he is also an entrepreneur who has a shoe company, a water business, a headphone brand, as well as a film company.

This is a man who started from the bottom and over time rose to the top. We can all learn a tremendous amount from this musician/entrepreneur and in the video below, Evan Carmichael outlines 50 Cent’s 10 rules for success…

50 Cent’s 10 Tips for Amassing Extraordinary Success:

1. Be you

When 50 Cent is looking to invest in a young artist whom he thinks has the potential to make it to the big stage, the first thing he does is look for similarities in the young prodigy with other stars that have already made it big. If he sees too many similarities and gets the vibe that a young artist is impersonating a superstar too much, he backs out. 50 Cent understands that too succeed, you have to be you and find your own unique style.

You have to be yourself and use your own strengths. Don’t be a copy cat, BE YOU!

2. Believe in yourself

Once again, the most cliche “tip” for success in the book. But just about every successful person on the planet talks about how important believing in yourself is, and 50 Cent is no exception. And he lists it in his top 10 rules for success above, which is why we put it here in the summary 😉

3. Don’t be ashamed of your past

Your past and where you came from is what makes you who you are. It is what shapes you as a person, and it is most definitely something to embrace and be proud of. Some of us had amazing childhoods and came from great, admirable backgrounds, while others came from rough backgrounds that they typically don’t wish to speak about.

No matter where you came from, be proud of it and accept that it shaped you as a person. Your past most definitely does not have to be your future, but it will always be a part of your story and how you got where you are today. Embrace it.

4. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen 

Many people who are on their own personal journey feel like they deserve success before they get it. They may be struggling to get where they truly want to be and feel bitter that they havn’t seen the success that they’ve wanted for a while. 50 Cent claims that this is nothing to be bitter about, and all you have to do is keep dreaming and keep working. When you are supposed sprout and come out of your cocoon, you will.

Until then, try not to stress too much.

5. It’s not about the money 

Although money is a measurement of success, to 50 Cent and many other successful business people and entertainers, it’s never really about the money. It’s about changing the world and impacting lives. It’s about helping others and seeing your dreams come true. Sure, the money is nice and certainly helps propel more visions and goals forward, but the money is simply a vehicle that helps accelerate a greater goal and purpose.

6. What will your legacy be?

Think about how you want to be remembered. Gary Vaynerchuk is big on creating a legacy and valuing legacy over currency, and apparently so is 50 Cent. Always be working on the legacy that you want to create for yourself, and take actions that move you in that direction. This can be hard to do sometimes, especially as a young person who is still working out their purpose and how they want to spend their life, but just keep this in mind 😉

7. Do what you love

This is the most important thing in life. You have to do what you love if you are going to see any form of success. The reason is because if you are going after anything that is “worth having”, it’s probably going to be pretty hard. If you don’t love it, you’ll throw in the towel very quickly and certainly won’t be willing to stick out all the bad times.

8. Don’t be afraid 

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I know, I know. This is probably not the easiest thing to “just do”. What 50 Cent is telling us is to not be afraid to go after what we want. Never let fear stop you from trying something new and doing what you love.

9. Give back 

Always being giving back. Most people think the time to start giving back is when you have “enough to spare” so to speak. The truth is, the time to start giving back is right from the start. Give what you can at all times and constantly being doing your best to impact lives in a positive way.

This does not mean that you have to give money. You can give your time, your energy, and or listening ear to someone who needs to be heard. There are plenty of ways to give value to people without pulling out your wallet.

10. Have a sense of humor 

Aww this is a new one that our Top 10 lists havn’t seen yet. Have a sense of humor! The whole point of chasing your dream and going after what you truly want is because you enjoy it, right?

Make light of bad situations and understand that it’s a part of the process. The best way to enjoy the ride is to make light of situations and always be laughing. You’ll find that some of the most successful individuals in our world have some of the best senses of humor. Model them.

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    Zoubayda August 14, 2015 at 7:04 pm - Reply

    We need to let the fear go away to move and encourage ourselves.

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    nicstick August 15, 2015 at 1:03 am - Reply

    Its amazing how these singers and artists create a persona of themselves that most of the time does not match their personality. I wonder if they sit down and plan it out first: let me be that bad ass rapper called 50, but in reality Curtis is a kind hearted vegeterian who cares abou many causes. Do they suffer a split personality?

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