5 Ways to Get a Promotion

Alex Hamm January 17, 2014 0
5 Ways to Get a Promotion

So your looking for that big job promotion, huh? You see all the growth opportunities at your company and you are ready to start doing what it takes to get to higher levels of the organization.

There are many things you can do to maximize your chances of getting promoted. The idea is to put yourself in a position where you are looked at as the best possible person to be chosen for a higher position.


Here are 5 things you can do to maximize your chances of getting promoted in the next few months (or weeks):

1. Do more than your job description

Chances are, when you were hired at your current company, you were given a list of job duties. You were handed a full job description of what was expected of you, and the things you would be required to do. And it’s essential you completely kill it with these duties.

But someone who ONLY adheres to the description on their hiring contract is not going to reach higher levels of their organization. In order to get noticed as someone who can make things happen in a higher position, you must continually do more than what is expected.

Volunteer to help your coworkers whenever you can. Offer to stay late or come in early to get some extra work done so that profits increase faster. Figure out what matters most to the company and do what you can to contribute.

You will get noticed and it won’t be long before they realize they need that type of dedication higher up in the organization.

2. Connect with your boss

I recently wrote an article called 7 ways to build a stronger bond with your boss. It shares 7 things you can do to build an emotional connection with the biggest decision maker in your organization.

Why is it important to have an emotional connection with someone who decides your future? Well, because humans are emotional beings.

If you can build a genuine friendship with your boss, then he will be much more likely to present you with growth opportunities and you will be his most trusted asset. He wouldn’t dare offer higher responsibilities to anyone but you.

3. Connect with your coworkers

Another thing that is important when looking to get promoted is to connect with coworkers. You may think that coworkers have absolutely no say in your fate at the organization, since they have the same power as you. But don’t jump to conclusions…

Although your coworkers may not have the power to fire you or promote you within the organization, they do have the power to spread rumors about you. Those rumors can be either good or bad

If you take the time to connect and build solid relationships with your coworkers, they will start to share all the good things about you. Word will get around on what an awesome person you are, and they will express how badly they want you to succeed, simply because they like you.

Eventually, word will get to the top decision makers, and when a new position opens up, you will have tons of supporters vouching that you get the promotion. Your boss would then look like an ass for not giving you a chance!

4. Focus on utilizing your strengths

One important thing to remember in life and at work is to focus on our strengths. Our strengths are the things that we are naturally good at and they are the best things we can contribute to our organizations.

Instead of spending all your time trying to become a “completely well-rounded person”, try spending the majority of your time utilizing your strengths and bringing that to the table.

When people are aware of your strengths and you are consistently bringing that in to help your organization, it will really create a solid reputation for you. Don’t try to do things you cannot. Instead, give what you can, and bring all your talents to the table every single day.

5. Ask for opportunities to grow

And lastly, never forget to ASK. An important lesson we all learn early in life is to ask for what we want. No one is going to hand anything to us, and no one is going to look out for us. We have to go get what we want.

You could be working your butt off 7 days a week, 12 hours a day trying to get noticed for a promotion. But if you have not made it clear to your boss and other influencers that you are seeking a promotion, you just may be out of luck.

In order to avoid working for nothing, make sure you make it clear to your boss and others that you really want that new promotion. Ask for opportunities to grow, and ask your boss what you can do to reach higher levels of the organization.

If you don’t make it clear that you are looking to grow, chances are, no one will give the opportunity to grow.

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