5 Reasons We Should Have A Positive Attitude

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5 Reasons We Should Have A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one of the most powerful tools used for the cultivation of success. Positive people are more excited about living. No matter the situation they find themselves in, they always anticipate victory. One thing I learnt in all my years as a businessman is that  a positive attitude breeds a positive outcome. On the contrary, a negative attitude breeds a negative outcome.

Your thoughts are not just electric signals between synapses. They are the ones responsible for shaping your life. They affect not just you but also the people around you.

Below are 5 reasons we ought to have a positive attitude:


1. You anticipate happiness, success, health and good relationships.

When you are positive you anticipate happiness, success, health and good relationships. What you hope for is what you get. The moment a thought is inserted in us, our brains will work towards getting an act in the direction of the thought. Meaning, the more thoughts you have towards victory, the more you become a victor.

2. Positive thinking is contagious.

People want to associate with positive individuals. Have you ever realized how motivated you get when you attend a seminar with powerful speakers? You feel like impossible is nothing. This is a result of the energy you are getting from the motivational speaker. If you can carry that much energy with you, people will want to be around you and because of that, opportunities will be unveiled.

3. The body is controlled by the brain.

If the brain thinks positive, that same energy will radiate into the body. According to research and analysis, pessimistic people are more likely to suffer from body pains compared to the optimist, leaving us to the conclusion that a positive attitude = good health.

 4. Your self esteem is higher.

When you develop a negative attitude towards yourself, your self esteem is low, and if your self esteem is low you are in danger of failure.

For instance, there are two people you want to do business with. One has low self esteem. He is not sure about what he is selling to you…

On the other hand, you have a goal getter who is so sure about his business that he makes you see his business through his eyes. I am sure your choice is obvious. No one wants to work with someone with no self esteem.

5. You are less likely to become diseased.

In 1963, 2,280 men were tested for pessimism or optimism. The same men were tested again in 1986 for heart disease. Results showed that pessimistic men were 50% more likely to get heart disease compared to the optimistic men.

Life is all about choices. Choose to be happy. There are a number of ways to help you stay positive which I am going to tackle in my next article. Stay blessed, stay positive and don’t even let the sky be your limit.


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