5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need To Put Themselves Out There More

Mary Jane Allen April 21, 2014 1
5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need To Put Themselves Out There More

In my work as a Financial Healer I see many talented, hard-working entrepreneurs who love the work they do, but find it next to impossible to consistently make the income they want, no matter what they try. Many of them have invested in various kinds of coaching in an attempt to increase their sales and profitability, but if things improve they don’t last. It is so frustrating when you’re putting all of your energy into your work and not seeing the results you want and deserve.


It is true that so many of us have a fear of visibility, and very often it’s an unconscious fear…so it can be challenging to identify unless we know how and where to look for it. I’ve seen this “fear of visibility” in people from all walks of life, even including those who outwardly seem quite visible in their city or even state in their business, but don’t take the actions required to become visible beyond their current client base.

When we have a fear of visibility, it’s often related to how we were trained in childhood by parents, relatives, the media, and society in general. It’s very often related to being told or shown that it’s safer to “play it small and quiet”, rather than to draw attention to ourselves, because in drawing attention to ourselves we can invite judgment.

Let’s face it: Most of us dread judgment and try to avoid it at all cost.


So, when the fear of visibility and the tangled web of emotions under it is healed and you move on from it, you are able to see your work and business opportunities in a very different light. You realize that you need to step up, step out, and go speak to groups about your work.

You see opportunities to expand your client base because you’re no longer looking at your world through the dark glasses of fear. You begin to see the truth because seeing the truth of the possibilities for your business is next to impossible while you’re living with deep, unconscious fears.

There are more than 5 reasons it’s essential to release the fear of visibility to succeed in your business, but these are my top 5:

1. You feel much more confident and have new realizations and awarenesses, and know that you can actually achieve anything you want to in your business. These awarenesses are incredibly liberating.

Basically you’ve shed the cement shoes that were holding you back from success in business and in your personal finances.

2. Because you see the truth about your business and the world, you see there are unlimited opportunities for you to expand and move forward – the dark glasses of childhood programming are gone.

3. You say “YES” to speaking engagements that you may have been too afraid to agree to previously and getting up on stage is absolutely one of the top ways you can get the message of your work out to the world! 

4. You see that the economy has absolutely no bearing on the success of your business as you heal your fears because this is another form of misbelief or programming coming from the media, governments and other sources.

5. You make and retain the money you want to in your beloved business because you’re no longer afraid of being visible so you are OUT in the world – doing interviews, speaking on stage and pitching yourself to groups to speak to them.

You’re thinking so much more expansively now that NOTHING can stop you. 

OK, I’m going to add #6 because it’s the icing on the cake!

6.  Once you have your income where you want it, you can begin to work less hours and have more time for your family, fun and vacations. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


Mary Jane Allen is a Financial Healer and Joy Creation Specialist. Mary Jane works as an innovator and visionary in the field of Energetic and Financial Healing and is a Radio Show Host on Transformation Talk Radio in Seattle and http://transformationtalkradio.com.

You can learn more about Mary Jane and contact her about her services at http://manifestyourlifedream.com


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