5 Inspirational Fables from Jon Gordon

Alex Hamm April 9, 2014 0
5 Inspirational Fables from Jon Gordon

Have you heard of Jon Gordon? Unless you are an avid reader, chances are you have not. But it’s time you get an introduction to this inspirational and motivating man.

Jon Gordon is a best selling author and speaker who has changed lives all around the world through his words and writings. His best selling book, The Energy Bus, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and completely transformed the way people think about positivity and the importance of your energy.

What I love most about Jon’s books is that they all follow a storyline. They all follow a main character who is having some sort of problem, goes on a journey and learns many lessons along the way, hence teaching us, the readers, the lesson as well. I somehow always seem to finish all his books within a 48 hour window, because I can’t seem to put it down once I pick it up.


Real quick, I want to share his 5 best books and how exactly they can change your life:


1. The Energy Bus

I’ve already mentioned this book in the intro. The Energy Bus is a fantastic story of how a struggling man named George meets a bus driver named Joy who turns his negative, pessimistic attitude into a positive, successful attitude, and in turn makes him much happier and more successful. The underlying principle states that everything in life is made up of energy, and the more positive energy you can give off to other people and the world, the happier and more successful you will be.


2. Training Camp

I loved this one as well. It follows the story of a young man who is trying to make it as a professional football player. The man is just out of college, and much smaller than most players he is competing with, but manages to use other assets to his advantage to become successful. He meets a couple of amazing mentors along the way who share some very valuable lessons with us.


3. The Seed

The Seed is another fantastic fable about a man who has lost his way. Josh used to have fire and passion for everything in his life, but has somehow lost that ambition. The story follows Josh on his journey to find his purpose for life and shows the challenges he must overcome to find it. It shares some amazing tips for living a meaningful, and passionate life.


4. One Word That Will Change Your Life

Okay, I lied. Not all of Jon’s books are stories. This book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, does not follow a storyline, yet still managed to intrigue me in every way. Based on the concept of eliminating New Years Resolutions from your life and replacing them with “one word” for the year, Jon and his writing partners do a fantastic job of shedding light on something that really needed some sunshine.


5. The Carpenter

I’ll be honest…I have not read this book yet; but that’s only because it hasn’t been released yet! The Carpenter is Jon’s latest work and will be released to book stores everywhere within the next few weeks. I’m not completely sure what it will be about, but from what I hear, it just may be his best work yet. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! (Pre-Order The Carpenter here)


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