5 Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Read This Summer

Alex Hamm June 10, 2014 0
5 Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Read This Summer

It’s been a while since I’ve personally published an article on this site, so I thought I’d sit down and share some insights on 2 topics that touch my heart: entrepreneurship and reading. 

Since the summer is getting ready to kick off, I’m sure you are going to want to do plenty of reading out in the sun. This is my “Must-Read” summer list for all aspiring entrepreneurs, and dreamers…


In no particular order:


1. Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain 

The sequel to it’s first book, Nothing To Lose, this book is a fantastic read that not only shares dozens of amazing tips and guidelines to succeeding in business, but also some heartwarming and inspiring stories from the authors personal life, that share what it was like to go though hardships as a child and a young adult and still manage to take a company from zero to millions in a rather short amount of time.

Ryan Blair does an amazing job of outlining what it takes to go from zero to 60 in business and shedding some light on how to not let anything stop you. If you have not already gotten your hands on this New York Times Best Seller, I suggest you do so this summer…


2. Training Camp

Jon Gordon’s Training Camp has been mentioned on this website before, mainly because I personally believe he is one of the most amazing authors on the planet and has nothing but treasures to share in his work. Training Camp is not specifically about entrepreneurship, but it does follow the story of a young man who suffers from several disadvantages and still manages to achieve his dream.

If you like football and you enjoy feeling inspired, pick up this book.


3. Start Something That Matters

By now, you’ve probably heard of this #1 New York Times Best Seller. And if you have not, you’ve probably heard of it’s author, Blake Mycoskie. And if neither of them hit home, how about Blake’s company, TOMS Shoes?

Blake Mycoskie pours his heart and soul out in this phenomenal book. He shares exactly how he went from idea to large company, and how he was able to do something that had never been done before. Not only did he manage to build one of the largest shoe companies in the world, but he also trademarked the “One for One” business model, where for every pair of shoes sold, another was given away to a child in need.

Curious as to how he incorporated this model and still turned a profit? Read this book…


4. Purple Cow

Awww, the Purple Cow. When I was reading this book, I constantly had friends asking me, “Seriously dude, what is that book about? I’m not buying that your actually reading about a purple cow”.

Although this masterpiece by Seth Godin really has nothing to do with cows or farms at all, it does share some of the most profound marketing ideas known to man. If you are looking to start a business, or you have one already, flip through the chapters of this book and you’ll for sure get some crazy ideas for building an awesome company…


5. Unthink

Last but not least, Unthink covers some of the under-the-radar traits that entrepreneurs seem to have. Erik Wahl shares why he believes our world has created a society that kills creativity and why he believes that needs to change. He also shares some insights on what you can do to avoid society’s trap and remain a creative-minded individual your entire life.

The term “child-like creativity” is often used in this book. Read it and learn how to tap into your child-like creativity…


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