4 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Purpose

Merrick Deans September 14, 2014 3
4 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Purpose

Many, if not all, of us struggle with purpose. Some have a good idea of what their purpose in life is; however, the majority of us find ourselves in one of two categories, either we have a short list of about 2 to 3 things we think our purpose could be or we have absolutely no clue.

If you have no idea; fear not, because the journey to discovering your purpose is part of your preparation to fulfill it! Those who don’t know, I encourage you to take some time and think about your passion and the thing that allows you to express it; what relaxes you or makes you feel more alive and free when doing it?

Think about the thing(s) you do that impacts others in a positive way and draws a reaction from them; what do people compliment you on? Once you’ve identified two or three things write them down and vet them through the 4 C’s listed below.

Whether you know your purpose or not it is important that you validate it to make sure it is truly your calling and not simply an interest or hobby. Asking yourself these four questions will help you to vet the activities that you think could be your purpose and determine if one is truly your life’s intention.


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The four areas that we must assess ourselves on when trying to validate our purpose are Capability, Comfort, Care, and Connectivity. When you have an idea about what your purpose could be, measure it in these areas and see if you were truly created for that reason!

1. Capability:

Are you capable of completing the tasks and requirements associated with the work of your activity?

You are automatically equipped to not only complete the work you are purposed to do, but you’re also built to endure the trials and negative aspects of it as well.

Each of us is naturally gifted with abilities that are necessary for excelling in our purpose and have an instinctive understanding of its inner workings and operation. Not only do you possess a sixth sense related to your craft and can predict trends and changes in the impacts of your purpose, but you have the resilience to withstand the downsides that accompany every activity.

For example, pastors are able to sense the needs of their congregation and deliver a message that will meet those needs while enduring the pressure to uphold the standards of the church. When it comes to your purpose, you are ingrained with an awareness and an ability to successfully complete it. In other words, “You were born for this!”

2. Comfort:

Do you feel yourself at home and in your element when operating in your activity?

Since you were born to do the work of your purpose, you will feel the most alive and at ease when doing it!  Others may feel out of their element when operating in that craft, they will take an awkward approach to completing it and will exude uncertainty in what they are doing. You on the other hand, have confidence in your efforts and go about completing that work with intentional actions and decisions.

For instance you may make suggestions to those who are more experienced than you and you do not simply repeat what you have learned, but rather you build upon it.  Your contributions to your purpose help to progress that activity further and brings new meaning to that craft!

3. Care:

How concerned are you with the work and impact of your activity?

There’s something to be said for “heart”; the unteachable desire to complete a task to the very best of one’s ability, which is only displayed by those who possess real passion.

One can be willing and able to do the work of an activity, but will soon find out it is not their purpose if they aren’t driven and fulfilled by it.  You care about the completion of your purpose and hold it in high regard because in fulfilling it, it simultaneously fulfills you.

Because of the concern that you have for fulfilling your purpose you will find yourself willing to go through the growth process of improving yourself as well as your craft and take pride in the time and attention it requires of you. As with anything else you truly care about, you will make sacrifices for it and go to the necessary lengthens to meet its needs, which others simply aren’t willing to do.

4. Connectivity:

Do you benefit the lives of others through the execution of your activity?

Operating in your purpose will always positively impact the lives of others; in fact that is why you were created to do it!

Your purpose outlines the footprint you are intended to leave on the Earth and is the link by which you connect to others.  Those you connect with will be enhanced and gain new perspective from what you expose them to; they’ll receive a needed service or product from the completion of your activity.  A fulfilled purpose can never exist in a silo and is not meant to be kept to self; otherwise, it’d be a hobby.

Purpose is shared and is life improving for you and those it connects you with. It enlightens others while freeing you and is the glue that bonds you to those who are made better by your outputs!


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    Alonna September 15, 2014 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    This was great! Thanks for posting this Merrick! I am looking for my purpose and when I think I have found it, I will be sure to ask myself these four questions.

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    Jessica September 16, 2014 at 1:25 am - Reply

    Great post!!! Your four points definitely challenge us all to reflect and evaluate/re-evaluate our purpose in life. Keep it coming 🙂

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    Tobore Ivan Obukohwo September 18, 2014 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    This is wow! I think no other person need this great piece like I do. After reading this, I begin to see myself as a very purposeful person and all that has cut across my mind now is how to achive my purpose in life. Thank you Mr Merrick.

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