4 Habits That Separate Successful People from Unsuccessful People

Alex Hamm November 6, 2013 2
4 Habits That Separate Successful People from Unsuccessful People

Most people have a hard time picking out the successful and from the unsuccessful people out of a crowd. I mean, obviously there are the no-brainers. Such as a guy wearing 2,000 suit with a rolex is more successful than the homeless man asking for handouts. But for the most part, if you are looking at 2 people wearing similar clothing in a crowd, and you are told one of them is highly successful in the field, and the other is only average, living day by day…you probably would not be able to tell which is which on the surface.

This is because success tends to lay under the surface. It is the little things and habits that people practice each day that make them highly successful, or very, very average.


With that being said, here are 4 habits that separate the highly successful people from their peers:

1. Successful people accept responsibility  for their failures; Unsuccessful people blame others for their failures

The naturally tendency when we fail or make a mistake is to run away and let someone else get in trouble for it. That’s what we all did when we were kids and we broke a school ground rule. We would look around and try to find the closest kid we could point our finger at.

Most people keep this attitude as adults. They don’t think accepting responsibility for a mistake or failure is going to provide them any good, so they try to put all the blame on other people. The problem with this is that not only will those around you dislike you for putting the blame on them, but you will never learn from your failures.

Failing is the best education in life…it’s the only way we truly learn. So when we put the blame on someone else, it’s as if we are convincing our subconscious that we did not make that mistake, so there is nothing to learn. Instead, accept responsibility, and accept the consequences and take the experience as a learning lesson. It will only make you stronger and earn you the respect of those around you.

2. Successful people read everyday; Unsuccessful people watch television everyday

It’s no secret that reading makes you smarter and expands your mind. Whereas television tends to dull our minds and stop the thoughts and ideas from flowing. It puts our brains to sleep.

Successful people make it a habit to minimize the TV time and make time for reading everyday. They don’t like wasting time, and TV is a pretty big waste of time if you abuse the power.

3. Successful people have a sense of gratitude; Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement

This is my favorite because it is so easily overlooked and forgotten.

Most people take others for granted and expect things from them. When someone does a kind deed for a person, that person tends to look at as if it was expected. There is no “Thank you” and there is no appreciation.

Someone with this type of attitude has a sense of entitlement. They think they are entitled to certain things and they do not have to appreciate anyone or anything. What a shame. Because the people who feel entitled are the egotistical people who lose friends quick and do not get a whole lot of favors thrown their way.

On the other hand, someone with a sense of gratitude for others tends to get pretty far in life. They appreciate the little things and they express their gratitude. In return, this makes others want to continue to help them. It creates friends for life, and allows people to get all sorts of help from those around them.

It’s amazing how far a “Thank You” can get you. You can speak, so start using those 2 words more often.

4. Successful people want others to succeed; Unsuccessful people secretly want others to fail

This one is a bit skeptical.

I mean, if too many people succeed, then there will be no room for you to succeed, right?? Well, not exactly. The people who secretly hope others will fail and not pick themselves up, are probably going to be right behind them in that feat.

Others failing does not provide you any value. You secretly hoping they fail is not going to help you in any way, it’s just going to be a waste of energy. On the contrary, if you genuinely want others around you to succeed and you express your encouragement, not only will they be more likely to succeed, but they will be more willing to bring you with them and help you succeed with your own goals.

Help others succeed and do whatever you can to get people to their goals. I guarantee they will be happy to return the favor.

Use these 4 tips and start cultivating daily habits that make you a winner. 


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Stop trying to be skilled at everything. Too many people are trying to develop dozens of unnecessary skills at once and take on an overwhelming amount of projects. Instead, pick one thing and do that one thing—and only that one thing—better than anyone else ever could. That’s how you create real value and become indispensable.



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    Stephen Osoko January 8, 2016 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    Great Post Alex!
    Accepting responsibility has been something I’ve implemented into my life for a while now. It’s funny because you notice the people around you that won’t do it.

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