4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Tasks

Alex Hamm September 20, 2015 0
4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Tasks

Do you have multiple social media accounts and platforms? Do you find it overwhelming to keep up with all of them on a daily basis?

Try and focus your efforts on the platforms that benefit your business the most.

By the end of this article you’ll be able to create a daily to-do list in just 4 steps.

Via wpsolver.com

Via wpsolver.com

1. Rank Your Accounts

You’ll need to create a worksheet with all of the key facts for each account.

  • Make a list of every account you have.
  • For each platform, write down the number of fans or followers.
  • Study all of your marketing analytics to find out monthly visits, contacts, and customers each account brings to the table. If possible, use the last full month of data or an average of the previous 3 months.

Next, look at each platform and figure out which ones are generating the highest amount of revenue. Hopefully you’ll see a correlation between size of reach and total  number of customers.

2. Prioritize Engagement Types

Use your above list of most important social media accounts to prioritize the posts for each platform.

Interactions with customers/followers/fans are different on each platform, and because of this different posts weigh differently with those people in terms of engagement. Sharing on one network may impact people differently than sharing on another platform.

Via seoclerk.com

Via seoclerk.com


Here are a few options for Twitter engagements and how to rank them by importance:

Reply: This is a very powerful tool. Replies are direct mentions that are truly one-to-one engagement helping companies see direct results with Twitter.
Retweet: Similar to a Facebook share, retweets are passing along information inside the user’s network.
Favorite: Similar to a Facebook like, favorites are just a signal to people of how “likeable” your content is.
More (…): Clicking the More button brings up other choices such as “Share via Direct Message”, “Share via email”, “Embed Tweet”, “Mute”, and “Block or report.”

Via nativemobile.com

Via nativemobile.com


Facebook has three main engagements:

Share: Sharing is worth the most value because when by having someone else share your content, it is passing along your information to everyone else in their network.
Comment: Since users are directly interacting with your post or content, this is a great place to keep an eye on. User’s may have questions or comments that will help them greater engage with your information.
Like: Likes are important, but not the only thing that matters. Since it is easy to like something this is similar to Favorites in Twitter, a great signal, but not he tell-all.

3. Start Creating Your To-Do List

After you’ve decided with types of posts or engagements are most important, you’ll need to figure out your To-Do List.

Using your previous list of most important platforms, you’ll start your to-do list.

For Example:





4. Create a Schedule

Yay! You’ve prioritized your platforms and engagements that are most important for an effective daily strategy. Now you just need to decide how much time everyday you are willing to spend on each specific platform.

Whether it is 1 hour or all day, make sure to be spending more time on your top platform and less time as the platforms rank downward. Always pay attention to the numbers associated with each of your platforms as they change frequently and rankings may change as time goes on.

Remember, social media is a key strategy in helping to build your brand. As time-consuming as it may seem, set aside a daily schedule and to-do list with the allotted time in order to get the most out of your best platforms!

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