4 Amazing Benefits of Teamwork

Alex Hamm November 8, 2013 1
4 Amazing Benefits of Teamwork

I don’t think it’s any secret that teamwork is 1,000 times more effective than working solo. The fact of the matter is, there is absolutely no way that you can get to the top level that you want to be all by yourself.

As much as it may pain you to believe, you do NOT have all the answers. 

And you do not have all the skills.

Even if you did have all the answers, and all the skills, you still wouldn’t have the time!

Aside from the obvious facts above, teamwork is probably not valued enough by most people. The problem that most people have is that teamwork is a lot more complicated.

It can be difficult to assemble a team to do a job. If you have a project for work that needs a lot of work, and may require some creativity, it is going to be a lot better if you put multiple people’s ideas into it.

But it is also going to be difficult to assemble a team willing to help you out. This is especially difficult for business owners, because they don’t have a boss who can force co-workers into to helping you out.

They either have to go find friends or colleagues willing to help out (and they’re really gonna have to like you in order to invest a lot of time), or they have to hire it out (very costly).

So what I’m trying to say is that I understand why people would quickly revert to working solo, whether it be less effective or not.

So what exactly are some benefits of teamwork? And why should you work hard to overcome challenges of developing a team?


Here are 4 benefits to teamwork, that working solo can never provide:

1) Multiplies Your Time

Like I said above, when you have multiple people working on a project, it is less work for you and the job can be done quicker , and more efficiently.

2) Compounds Your Thinking

This means if you put your ideas together with other’s ideas, it significantly strengthens them. The ideas come together and it turns them into something much more powerfully than anyone could have imagined alone.

Putting the right minds together, is like mixing gold and diamonds, and turning it into a mega-jewl.

3) Allows Each Person To Focus On Their Strengths

 If you are attempting to work by yourself, you have to do everything. 

That means even the things you hate doing and are not particularly good at. However, if you assemble a team who can bring a variety of skill sets to the table, each person can focus on their strength, and the job is going to be much more powerful.

Like I mentioned above, you don’t have all the answers or skills, so why not get other people to do the stuff you can’t do well?

4) Encouragement Is All Around

A team is also great moral support. You should all have similar values and be striving for a similar goal, which means you should all be encouraging each other to do the best work possible.

Working solo can tough because you are the only one who is pursuing a goal, and when the going gets tough, you are the only person there to pick yourself up.

Instead, assemble a team who will constantly be challenging you and encouraging you to do great things.

It’s All About The Leadership…

I’m not going to sit here and list off all the reasons teamwork is beneficial.

Your not an idiot, you know teamwork is essential to almost anything if you want long-term success. The dilemma is getting the energy and confidence to go out and bring teamwork to whatever your working on.

It’s about demonstrating leadership by going out and finding the right people to come together and get the job done to it’s fullest potential. When the right people come together, the sky is the limit.

A good place to start is by observing the people you already know, and analyzing the strengths they could possibly bring to a particular job or project. If you have a broad list of connections, you can constantly be implementing teamwork into your life, whether it’s for work or personal or family stuff, because you will know what strengths your friends and colleagues can bring to the table.

So take some time to think of who you know and what kind of team you can assemble with those people. If you don’t know a lot of people who have a variety of talents and skills, you better start broadening your network, and doing some research.

Teamwork should be a part of all aspects of your life. An article on how to assemble the right the team will be coming soon.


Quick Tip

Start providing value to those around you. Do helpful favors, and provide encouragement. Do whatever you can to help them closer to their goals.

When it comes time, they will gladly return the favor.


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    Sebastian November 12, 2013 at 3:14 am - Reply

    Yea this is true. Some times this gets hard for me as everything I do is a solo activity.

    Bodybuilding, guitar, boxing, singing… I can pretty much practice all of these by myself if I want to.

    But yea, when it comes down to it, you need to recruit the right people to make things happen.

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