3 Rules That Separate The Best From The Rest

Alex Hamm December 12, 2013 0
3 Rules That Separate The Best From The Rest

Currently, one of my favorite books of all time is Training Camp by Jon Gordon. I have not even completed reading it and I already have deemed it one of the top books I have ever read.

The book falls under the category business, but the concepts apply to all aspects of life. In fact, the book really doesn’t have any immedite ties to business at all.

The book shares 11 habits and attitudes the best do differently than everyone else.

This is no ordinary book and what I loved most about it is what I love about all of Jon’s other books. It follows a story, it’s a fable.

The book follows the story of a young athlete named Martin, who experiences much hardship on his quest to make it to the NFL. On his journey, he is introduced to a coach, “Coach Ken”, whom takes Martin under his mentorship and shares the secrets to success.

What he shares with Martin is in the context of football and athletics, but the 11 principles that are introduced in the book are in direct proportion to life. They apply to all aspects of life because they are mindset principles. 

The 11 principles are simple yet powerful, and the first 3 are my favorite, and what I feel are the most important.


Here are 3 things that separate the best from the rest:

1. The best know what they truly want

“[The best] know what they are working toward. It’s often in the distance, but they have a clear picture in their mind and they can see it.”

-Jon Gordon

In Training Camp, Gordon uses the analogy of looking through a telescope to see the greatness that you strive for. What you truly want is often very hard to find, and that’s why so little people actually know (and get) what they truly want. But once you know what you truly want, and I mean exactly what you want, then getting it will be a whole lot easier.

Gordon shares with us how a struggling young football player is striving to make it into the NFL. He describes the struggles that the young athlete encounters and how anybody who lacked a true desire to get to the top would have dropped out.

The reason it is so important to have a clear vision of exactly what you want, and a vision that is in tune with your talents, hopes, and values, is because during the times of struggle, the only thing you will have is your strong desire to get to the finish line.

Paint a clear picture of what that finish line looks like and keep it in the back of your mind at all times. It will drive you to succeed.

Search for what it is you truly want, and then set a goal to achieve greatness in that area. If the desire is strong enough, you can accomplish anything in the long run.

2. The best want it more

This plays right off of principle #1.

Gordon says, “The best of the best not only know what they want, but they want it more”.

You may be wondering how you know if someone wants something more than anyone else. How is this measured? I mean, if 2 people claim to want to something with equal desire, then how do you know which one wants it more?

It may seem that the only way to measure this is by analyzing verbal statements. Whoever claims to want it more, obviously wants it more…

But I believe the person who wants it more shows it in their actions. After all, as Mr. gordon says, Someone could wish for something for 12 hours a day, but if they aren’t taking initiative to make it happen, then what good is all the wanting?

The best want it more than anyone else and they prove it with their actions, and their non-stop practice, and work ethic. They literally do whatever it takes.

It may take some time to discover who wants something more between 2 people. But over time, you’ll see that one of them will put in the extra effort and tend to the little things that the other one skips out on. And the little things can make all the difference…

3. The best are always striving to get better

“The best not only do the things that others won’t do and invest the time others won’t invest, but they also do so with passion and the intent to get better. The best are never satisfied with where they are.” -Jon Gordon

As Mr. Gordon states, the best truly never stop learning. they have a burning passion and they are always looking to get better than they were yesterday.

Often times, getting better requires a “willingness to be uncomfortable.” When people who succeed stop putting themselves out there are accept that the place they have made it to is good enough, they are selling themselves short. they have obtained a level of comfort that is going to stunt their growth.

And this is perfectly okay…

It simply means they are not among the best of the best. Because the best of the best are always striving to get better and to get better requires you to take risk, which is very uncomfortable.

The day you stop taking risks is the day you stop growing, and if you stop growing, then soon someone will pass you up. And it is at that moment they will display themselves as the best of the best…and you are no longer among them.

Always strive to get better.


Quick Tip

Keep a book by your bed, perhaps on your nightstand at all times. Try reading it for a few minutes before you go to bed.

Make sure it is a book revolved around your passion, as you will be excited to spend a few minutes stimulating your mind before you go into dream land each night!


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