3 Essentials for Staying Focused & Reaching Your Dream – Brendon Burchard

Alex Hamm July 11, 2015 0
3 Essentials for Staying Focused & Reaching Your Dream – Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is a master of productivity and living a purposeful life. He says that a major reason why people do not progress at their goals and succeed at the things they dream up, is because they lack FOCUS. Lack of focus is ultimately the major reason people do not live up to their potential.

It really is a shame, because everyone has a tremendous amount of potential, and everybody has specific passions and talents that they can truly excel at. However, relatively few truly excel because most people can’t seem to put their full energy into any given thing for more than a short period of time.

It’s simpler than it seems and in Brendon’s video below, he shares 3 tips for staying more focused and making your dream come true…

1. Stop browsing 

Stop browsing everything that doesn’t matter. Whether you are on the internet, watching TV, or surfing the app store, just stop! There is very little productivity that comes from browsing useless information online, and it is a total time sucker.

Rather, you should be focused on one meaningful task, something that is a getting you a step closer to your end goal for the day, and for your life. Everything else is just an ugly distraction disguised as a shiny object.

2. Define your mission

Define your mission for the the day; define your mission for life. When you wake up in the morning, you should have a mission in mind of what you are going to be working towards every minute of the day. Keep that mission in mind and do your best to only do things that will make that mission more of a reality as time goes on.

If you don’t have your “life vision” yet, then you need to sit down and define it based on what you truly want. Brendon’s video will help with that.

3. Say no to (almost) everything 

This is interesting, because their is an unsaid message from society that in order to be joyful and happy, we have to say YES to everything. And that lifestyle can be fun and carefree at times. But how can you expect to succeed…I mean truly succeed, at something if you are always saying yes to trying different things?

The truth is, you need start saying no to most things that come into your life. Sure, it may be a helluva opportunity, but it’s not something that you TRULY want. It may sound good in the moment, but it won’t serve your goals in the long run. Besides, “once in a lifetime” opportunities come along every dang week.

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