2 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude Throughout Your Day

Alex Hamm November 6, 2013 0
2 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude Throughout Your Day

A lot of people will tell you that your attitude is something that you are born with. That it’s just how you are wired and you can’t really change the way you look at life, and all the details that make it up.

You know what I say about that? To Hell With It! Your attitude can be cultivated…you just have to have an open mind and a desire to change.

I have not always had such a positive attitude. Like most people, when I was younger, I had my years of negativity. Nothing could go right, and life just sucked. Obviously, life didn’t actually suck, but my pessimistic attitude convinced me that life sucked and there was nothing I could do about it.

Here’s the thing guys: If you think life sucks, then it does. Life is what you make it, and your happiness and attitude towards it is a personal decision. So why would anyone choose to look at life with a poor attitude, when you could simply shift your mindset a little bit and be 100 times happier?

Sometime way back when, I realized this. I have made a life choice to look at things with the right attitude, no matter what is going on in my life. I realized that cultivating and maintaining a positive attitude is all about the way you respond to everything that happens to you during the day. It’s the little things that make a difference…




Here are 2 things I want you to implement in your daily life immediately:

1. Try to find something good in everything you do, and everything that happens to you. 

Obviously some things will be much easier to find the good in then others. Some things you won’t have to think hard at all. But many things will happen to you that you just think absolutely sucks…

You won’t think there is any good in it. Well, I want you to think hard, and spend a moment trying to find something good in what you are doing. It does not have to be a big thing, but if you can find something good in what on the surface looks to be a completely horrible occurrence, then I guarantee it will be easier and less stressful. You may even find some enjoyment in it.

For example, if the subway train that takes you to work everyday goes on strike, forcing you to walk 5 miles to your job through the city every morning, you probably would not think anything good could come from that. It’s a horrible occurance and it just makes your life absolutely suck.

Your thinking, “Why me? Why does this stuff happen to me?” Well instead of saying that, try to find some positive in what has happened…

How about this: Now that you can’t take the subway and have to walk, your getting that exercise that you have not not had time to do in the last 5 years! Now that’s great! Something bad happened on the surface, but it’s allowing you get your butt back in shape, which you have been meaning to do. There is a positive in a seeming negative situation. Find these positives in every situation. 

2. Don’t let little things ruin your day. 

This one is pretty simple, but I used to fall victim to this all the time.

Something bad, or annoying would happen to me early in the day (like I would spill my orange juice all over myself) and I would be convinced that it was a sign I wasn’t going to have a good day.

And you know what? I was right…

But I did not have a bad day because of the orange juice…I had a bad day because I let myself believe I was supposed to have a bad day. And that was stupid and negative of me. 

Instead of letting frustrating things cause you to lose control of your emotions, try this: When something happens that may put you in a bad mood, take a deep breath, handle the situation (if you spill juice on yourself, it’s simply a matter of changing your shirt), and then move on and look at the future of your day in positive day.

Tell yourself, “Who cares what happened? It’s still going to be a great day!” It sounds stupid but I guarantee it will allow you to have happier, and more efficient days.

You will be less stressed and more relaxed if you don’t let the little get to you.

It’s Your Choice

Remember, this is a personal choice. You can choose right now to have a more positive, optimistic attitude towards life. I guarantee the result will be a happier, more efficient, more likable, and more successful you.

Cultivate a positive attitude, and feel the awesome results. 


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Quick Tip

Stop Overreacting at People! Next time someone says something that irritates you, bite your tongue. Walk out of the room, and refrain from making a nasty comment that will only cause regret later on.

Relationships are tough and no good will ever come from you making mean remarks at someone whom probably didn’t even realize they were irritating you. If you must say something, handle the situation gently and make sure your intention is to kindly ask them to stop saying that type of thing around you.


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