17 Steps to Getting Rich

Ed Joaquin January 15, 2014 5
17 Steps to Getting Rich

If you have not read T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind yet, now would be a good time to go pick it up. I never thought one specific book could completely change my perspectively on the way money works so much…but it did.

To be honest, the book will make you uncomfortable. It will challenge you and surface many of your flawed ways of thinking when it comes to financials.

Nonetheless, if you follow the advice from the book, and develop your mind by living out the principles that Harv shares, there will be only one outcome for your future. YOU WILL GET RICH.

The subconscious and conscious responses of rich people to situations that involve making and keeping money differ significantly in seventeen aspects from those of poor people.  By becoming aware of the differences and adjusting our responses to mirror those of the rich, we can also achieve financial freedom and affluence.


Here are the seventeen attitudes and actions we can copy from the rich:

1. I Create My Life

Ditch the blame game, drop the excuses and stop complaining.  Take charge of the direction your life is taking, firm in the belief that only you can create your own success.

2. Play The Money Game To Win

While poor people aim merely to survive, rich people aspire for an abundance of wealth.  In the end it boils down to a person getting exactly what he wished for.

3. Committed To Being Rich

While it is easy to say ‘I want to be rich’, those who really do are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  They know what they want in life and are determined to get there.

4. Think Big

People who set easy to achieve goals for themselves do not reach their true potential even if they attain their small ambitions.  Don’t let fear of failure and low self worth prevent you from dreaming big.

5. Focus On Opportunities

People who make it big focus on the opportunities presented to them rather than the obstacles to their goals. They know will succeed in whatever endeavor they choose, because they will make things work.

6. Admire Other Rich And Successful People

This advice is based on the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” By admiring and emulating the habits of rich people, we enable ourselves to achieve as much as they do.  If you resent the rich, you have no reason to aspire to be like them.

7. Associate With Positive Successful People

We should associate with rich people as they serve as a source of motivation, their energy is contagious, and it is a very good networking strategy that may gain you new clients or business partners.  Your growth starts when you believe you are as good and worthy as they are and decide to prove it.

8. Willing To Promote Themselves And Their Value

Unpleasant experiences with sales people, your own failure at sales or parental advice on modesty may cause you to have an aversion to all forms of self promotion.  However, it is proper marketing that often separates success from failure.  After all, who would know best what the strengths of your product are?

9. Bigger Than Their Problems

Rich people are bigger than their problems while poor people use problems as excuses for their failure.  You cannot whine and work at a solution at the same time.  You only start working at a solution the moment you stop whining and focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

10. Excellent Receivers

Low self esteem prevents many people from receiving opportunities that come our way, almost like self flagellation.  We need to stop feeling that we are undeserving in order to reach our real potential.

11. Choose To Get Paid Based On Results

People who don’t value themselves highly choose the security of a steady paycheck.  Those who believe they are worth more choose a results-based pay scheme, which may take the form of profits, commissions, percentage of sales, or stock options.

12. Think Both

Rich people don’t sacrifice other aspects of their lives, such as family life, in order to get rich.  Their goal is to succeed in all aspects, not just financially.

13. Focus On Their Net Worth

Expenses rise with the pay, so financially successful people monitor net worth rather than income.  Growing net worth is more than earning money; it involves the art of keeping money earned.

14. Manage Their Money Well

No one can be financially successful no matter how much they earn, if they don’t manage their money well.  Set aside portions of your income for financial growth projects, for education, long term savings for spending, charity and necessities.

15. Have Their Money Work Hard For Them

Rich people use their money to earn more ‘passive’ income from investments, machines with minimal involvement like vending machines, etc.  They make their money work hard so they need to work less.

16. Act In Spite Of Fear

Train your mind to focus on goals and act despite fear and discomfort because it is action that bridges the gap between your inner self (affirmations and positive thoughts) and outer self (your reality).

17. Constantly Learn And Grow

T. Harv Eker’s own success only came after he heeded a friend’s advice that there must be something he doesn’t know that’s been causing his endeavors to fail, and to emulate the rich.  Use money you set aside for education and personal improvement to study so you can keep you abreast of latest trends, business strategies, and technology that will give you the edge…


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