16 Inspirational Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

Alex Hamm February 17, 2014 0
16 Inspirational Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

1. @NeverKnownFacts; Followers: 1.25 M

A brilliant account that takes interesting concepts and breaks them down into practical life tips.

2. @AdmireMyInspire; Followers: 80K

The best inspirational quotes you will find. Dozens of relatable words to brighten up your day.

3. @Inspire_Us; Followers: 953K

Great quotes on money and other success tips to help you with your goals.

4. @Addictd2Success; Followers: 465K

Amazing article shares and tips on all aspects of success. Practical and easy to understand tips.

5. @TonyRobbins; Followers: 2.39 M

Great shares of all sorts. Mr. Personal Power himself seems to never disappoint wherever he is.

6. @GreatestQuotes; Followers: 2.28 M

A collection of quotes that will challenge, motivate, and inspire you.


7. @JohnCMaxwell; Followers: 930K

Mr. Maxwell limits the quotes and although I doubt it is him personally running the account, this account shares some fantastic content on personal development and leadership.

8. @TheJeetBanerjee; Followers: 141K

This account is more business oriented, but Jeet shares some amazing quotes that will always seem to resonate whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

9. @LV_Sports; Followers: 276K

Motivation and inspiration for athletes and sports lovers.

10. @TheSuccessKing; Followers: 288K

Entrepreneur advice from Addicted2Success.com founder Joel Brown. Great stuff, follow now!

11. @FitGirl; Followers: 30.7K

Daily tips on health and fitness. Inspiring to all looking to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle.

12. @BruceVH; Followers: 206K

Life coach Bruce Van Horn shares some amazing quotes and articles. With his years of experience, we can all take some valuable insights from this account.

13. @BrianTracy; Followers: 191K

Zig Ziglar’s greatest competitor has some awesome stuff to share. Quotes and other cool shares make this one of the top Twitter accounts worth following.

14. @Garyvee; Followers: 1.45 M

Gary Vaynerchuk is not necessarily inspirational per say, but my god is he entertaining! His can-do attitude is a no brainer for twitter accounts worth paying close attention to on a daily basis. Follow for valuable insights on business and marketing.

15. @DarrenHardy; Followers: 180K

SUCCESS magazine’s publisher has made quite a name for himself and has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Listen to what Mr. Success has to say over on twitter.

16. @0; Followers: 172K

“I’ll make you think, I’ll make you doubt, but most importantly, I’ll remind you of what you need to do in order to get the things you want in life.”

Another inspiring account; follow and eat it all up!


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