12 Ways Creating Things Keeps You Sane

Hannah Baker July 18, 2015 1
12 Ways Creating Things Keeps You Sane

Co-authored by Celia Schaefer and Hannah Baker

My mother always used to ask: “Did you make something today?” As infuriating as that was as a 12 year old, she was onto something. Making things feels good. There is a satisfaction that comes from completing a process and seeing a project through. Creating makes you feel successful, boosting morale and increasing your productivity. Art in Action, a non-profit in the Bay Area, works to create accessible art curriculum so that every child can feel the benefits of looking at and making art.

Read on to see why two Art in Action interns think creating keeps you sane…

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1. Patience and perseverance

Long-term projects teach you patience and perseverance. Great ideas need great work ethic and creating is a perfect way to cultivate this within your self.

2. Hand made gifts

Creating typically leaves you with a lot of product. Product that your friends and family would probably love. Plus, giving hand-made gifts comes with a certain pride.

3. Express yourself

Creating allows you to express yourself when words are lacking. Our program cultivates visual communication skills in children across the country.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration within the creative process can lead to strong relationships within your community. Art in Action schools experience strong community as their students begin to experience the power of creating.

5. It doesn’t make sense

Art doesn’t have to make sense: you can just make it.

6. It does make sense

Other times, art makes perfect sense and you still can just make it.

7. It doesn’t always agree

Art and creating are personal. Taste is personal. Creating with programs like ours teaches you that you can disagree with and still respect others. We need more of that in this world.

8. Make something brand new

Creating allows you to make something the world has never seen before. Creation encourages uniqueness, and uniqueness encourages self-confidence.

9. Visual communication

Expressing your self with pictures is a skill well suited to our visual world. Our lives are saturated with imagery. Being able to create your own art gives you a sense of autonomy.

10. Copy it

Imitation is a great way to learn, so if you’re really tired that day you can just copy things. Our lessons are based on masterpieces that teach students about different styles, concepts, and mediums—imitation within art is the best way to learn and grow!

11. Travel across time

Creating allows you to relate to someone else, potentially a person you have never met or never will meet. Children in our program relate to the artists they learn about within the program. Honing relational skills is perfect for our increasingly connected world and allows us to travel across time and space.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly:


Just ask some of the kids who have Art in Action in their classrooms. Still don’t believe us? Take a look at a video some of our interns made this week and try out a free art lesson!

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