11 Top Habits of Motivated People

Mark Fowler April 21, 2015 4
11 Top Habits of Motivated People

Many unsuccessful people simply have not yet found their strengths within their natural abilities. People become highly motivated when they find their purpose in life. Everyone has a burning drive inside. Some they need to learn from others to find it. For others, the drive comes naturally and pushes them to do great things.

Following is a list of what naturally, highly motivated people do differently and what they can teach us:

1. They don’t dwell on adversity

Highly motivated people don’t dwell on problems. If they mess up on a speech in public, fail a test, or do something embarrassing, they try to push it away. They don’t let their mistakes stop them from achieving their goals. They learn from their experiences, good or bad, and move on toward the goal.

2. They read – a LOT

Highly motivated people are always learning. Reading allows one to take in the knowledge of some of the smartest people who have ever lived. Highly motivated people don’t spend much time watching reality TV – they do, however, spend their time reading.

via lifehack.org

via lifehack.org

3. They focus on goals and dreams

Highly motivated people are always working for something. They know what they want, and they search for ways to achieve it.

4. They are grateful

Being grateful keeps us humble. There is no room for the ego in an inspirational, motivational life. Try to write down five things that you are grateful for every day.

5. They are not restricted by limits

Highly motivated people are driven to go above and beyond; they are trusted by others, focused, and have great confidence in their own abilities.


6. They look at the upside

Instead of focusing on bad experiences and what’s NOT working – which so many of us tend to do – they instead focus on what IS working and their successes.

7. They are authentic

They are true to themselves, despite what others think. They don’t live their lives solely to please others.

8. They don’t give up

When they stumble over that proverbial bump in the road, they analyze the problem, come up with a plan, take action, and overcome it.

9. They don’t blame others

They never blame others for their failures. They understand that they alone are ultimately in charge of their actions and choices,  and no other.

10. They surround themselves with motivators

Their friends are those who are trustworthy, positive, supportive, and are people who bring out the best in them – unconditionally.

via cbsnews.com

via cbsnews.com

11. They surround themselves with motivational and inspirational stimuli

They are in an environment of books, video, music, art, nature – in short, anything that brings and sustains positive energy.

In closing, we leave you with one final motivational and inspirational quote:

“You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have, be anything you wish to be.” – Robert Collier


Suggestions for other motivational resources are available at http://www.globalmotivators.com, as well as links to other great motivational materials.

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    Sandy Chernoff April 26, 2015 at 12:50 am - Reply

    Successful people are not only motivated by their passion for what they do, they also espouse a positive attitude….the only thing we truly have control over in our lives! So decide that things are going to go well and then you can make it happen. I believe that human beings can accomplish anything they commit to!

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    Chris Schenk May 11, 2015 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    Great Article Mark!! I like your style of writing and I like your motivation. Please keep writing I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

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    Greg Davis December 23, 2015 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the reminder to keep looking up!

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