10 Ways to Be Ultra-Productive During Your Day

Patrick Fuchs April 24, 2014 0
10 Ways to Be Ultra-Productive During Your Day

We all procrastinate and everybody has delayed a timeline once. But it does not have to be like this. Here are 10 proven tips for you to stay concentrated and be more productive:

1. Focus, focus, focus!

Get your mind clear and focus on one thing at a time. If you are trying to do too many things simultaneously, you won’t succeed in any of them.

2. Stop waiting for the perfect moment

If you say: “I will start doing the homework after dinner!” then you might never start. Don’t waste your time waiting for the moment to come! Just start already!

3. Start your day early

Many people just sleep too long, but they would be more productive in the early hours. Try it out, get up early at 6.am tomorrow and start working immediately!

4. Workout!

Don’t only train your brain, your body needs some exercise too. You already sit too much while working, so get a nice morning workout to have positive energy all day long.

5. Make breaks

If you feel tired or you brain needs a little pause, just cut off five to ten minutes and chill out. Everybody needs a rest sometime, your brain too!

6. Check emails in the afternoon

Don’t let emails destroy your morning productivity level! Do important tasks first and emails later.

7. Make a checklist

Just write things down that you have already done. It will motivate you and remind you of what you already have achieved.

8. Turn off Twitter, Facebook or any distraction there is

If you are getting notifications and messages all the time you won’t be able to focus at all!

9. Eat well and not at your desk

Just don’t eat at your desk, it is sad and unsocial. Meet your colleagues during the break, and actually talk and eat. Afterwards you will have more energy to focus on important tasks.

10. Stop reading, start doing!

Now go out there and get things done!


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